8 Times Jin Didn’t Give A F*ck And Broke Big Hit’s Rules

Jin is a rebel and ARMY love it.

Big Hit Entertainment have their hands full with Jin who doesn’t seem to want to play ball with their rules. These are 8 times that Jin completely ignored the agency’s and staff.

1. When he just admitted to it

Jin told ARMY on Vlive that he does not follow Big Hit’s rules and they loved his rebellious attitude.

2. When he drank off camera to sneakily avoid the no drinking on camera rule

Jin suggested a covert way to avoid the no drinking on camera rule during a Vlive, much to the delight of Jimin.

3. When he cut his own hair

Jin doesn’t need the style team. He’ll cut his own hair with kitchen scissors.

4. When he threatened to dye his own hair

Jin expressed that he would like his hair to be black. The staff were against this but Jin threatened to dye his own hair if they didn’t and eventually they caved.

5. When he subtly spoiled BTS’s “Idol” comeback

6. When he pretended to spontaneously break his leg

Jin pretended his leg was broken when his manager tried to usher him and Jimin out of the dressing room. It took several minutes for the staff to get him on his feet.

7. When he called out Big Hit for making their dances too hard

Jin humorously asked the director why they keep making BTS’s choreography harder over time.

8. When he called out his manager for not letting him eat

Jin’s manager was very embarrassed when Jin went on a rant about him scolding him for eating too much.


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