10 Times Jungkook Didn’t Know His Own Strength And BTS Paid The Price

Sometimes, this “Muscle Pig” is a little too strong.

Jungkook is BTS‘s strongman, but sometimes that strength gets a little out of control. Here are 10 times his members suffered for it!


1. When he K.O’d Jin in Twister


2. When he hip-checked J-Hope into the next dimension


3. When he Karate chopped V’s neck with a fan


4. That time he almost blinded J-Hope


5. When he accidentally kicked Jimin’s leg…


6. …and whacked his belly…


7. …and tapped his head



8. When he put J-Hope’s future children in jeopardy…


9. …and nearly pushed Jimin through a wall


10. BONUS: When he smacked his own teeth with his mic