8 Times Jungkook Proved Why He’s The Muscle Pig Of BTS

His fellow members are sometimes afraid of their maknae.

It’s no secret that Jungkook has a surprising amount of strength and works hard on his body. These are times that Jungkook was so strong that even the other BTS members were afraid of him. These moments are proof that Jungkook is the muscle pig of BTS.

1. His performance at the Idol Star Athletic Championships 2016

Jungkook was unbeatable in ‘Ssireum’ (Traditional Korean wrestling) during the ISAC 2016, he led BTS to the finals where they only narrowly lost to VIXX despite Jungkook winning his match.

2. He broke a pineapple with his bare hands

3. He emphatically defeated Jin in arm wrestling

4. He carries Jimin around effortlessly all the time

5. His workout routine shows why he’s so strong

6. When he got over 9000 score on a punching arcade game

7. He was able to deadlift V with ease

8. BTS is scared of Jungkook which is all the proof you need


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