8 Times K-Pop Idols Accidentally Broke Their Own Lightsticks

Rosé and Doyoung weren’t the only ones who broke them in unique ways.

Whether on stage or off, K-Pop idols get into funny situations with their lightsticks. So here are eight times they accidentally ended up breaking them.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

During a concert, G-Dragon took a fan’s lightstick to wave around while performing. He startled himself by accidentally breaking the top off.

Making the moment funnier, G-Dragon silently handed what remained of the lightstick back to the fan.

2. TREASURE’s Yoon Jaehyuk

While the members were setting up their lightsticks, Yoon Jaehyuk shook his so roughly that it broke and accidentally hit Jihoon.

3. SEVENTEEN’s Joshua

True to his gentle personality, Joshua looked on calmly as the top of his lightstick broke off into his hand.

Joshua | @lovernon18/Twitter


Enjoying herself on stage, Rosé took their lightstick and used it like the hammer it resembled.

Shortly after, Rosé realized she might’ve hit it too hard. She broke it and repeatedly tapped it to see if it’d work again.

5. IVE’s Wonyoung

When IZ*ONE were preparing to film with their lightsticks, Wonyoung shook hers a bit too hard. She startled the members, especially LE SSERAFIM‘s Sakura, as its contents flew out.

As Wonyoung hilariously pretended to pass out, the other members scrambled to pick up the pieces from the floor.

6. THE BOYZ’s Sunwoo

As soon as Sunwoo got their lightstick in his hands, he somehow broke it into two pieces.

Making fans joke that lightsticks didn’t last long in his hands, Sunwoo even managed to drop the pieces.

7. BTS’s Jimin

Curious about their lightstick, Jimin used his free time to examine it and accidentally broke it. Jungkook‘s reaction took the cake, though.

When Jungkook saw the broken lightstick, he hilariously turned away as if he didn’t want to see it.

8. NCT’s Doyoung

While the other NCT members clapped the handle of their lightsticks while cheering at ISAC (Idol Star Athletics Championships), Doyoung decided to clap the top.

Doyoung used so much force that a chunk of it broke and went flying. He picked up the piece and tried to put it back on.

Bonus: Cosmic Girls’ (WJSN) Bona

While other idols were breaking their lightsticks left and right, Bona had a moment where she fixed one right after a performance.