12 Times K-Pop Memes Went Viral With Non K-Pop Fans

Have you seen them?

These twelve K-Pop memes went viral with non-K-Pop fans and could be seen all around social media. Have you seen them?

1. Key The Clown

SHINee‘s Key surprised fans when he dressed up as Ronald McDonald for one of SM Entertainment‘s Halloween parties. Fans screenshot the video of him preparing his costume, and it soon went viral as the “clown meme.”

2. Hyungwon and his Starbucks cup

MONSTA X‘s Hyungwon is known as the group’s living meme, but this may be his most iconic one. The idol is seen opening his mouth to speak into the mic, but decided the last minute to put the mic down and sip his coffee instead. Just look at how sassy he seems!

3. Jessica in “The Boys” music video

One of the OG K-Pop memes, the GIF was taken from Girls’ Generation‘s music video for “The Boys.” The GIF shows Jessica letting a bird fly away from her hands, and it went viral on numerous online forums.

4. Sorn being asked if there are cats in Korea

CLC‘s Sorn couldn’t hide how shocked she was with the question, and she responded that there are cats in Korea. The clip ended up going viral on Twitter and Reddit, with people appalled at the absurd question.

5. Two Chinese lesbian billionaires getting married

A Twitter account posted a fake news post claiming Meng Mei Qi and Wu Xuan Yi were two Chinese billionaires who got married, making them the wealthiest couple alive. The news was found to be fake after going viral, and people soon found out that the two are actually members of Cosmic Girls (WJSN).

Cosmic Girls Mei Qi and Xuan Yi Mistaken For Billionaire Lesbian Couple

6. Jackson’s interview with Desiigner

GOT7‘s Jackson was seen interviewing American rapper Desiigner with a fellow Chinese host. As Desiigner was speaking, his female co-host is seen bopping her head, and people believe that she thought he was rapping when he was answering Jackson’s question!

7. Chanyeol and Sehun playing ping pong

This video of the two EXO members shows them playing ping-pong. Chanyeol fakes his serve, and the two look at the sky to check where the ball went, only for Chanyeol to serve at Sehun when he wasn’t looking. This video went viral on Twitter.

8. Taemin AKA the K-Pop guy

This GIF of Taemin waiting for the announcement of a music show’s first place went viral all around social media, with people dubbing him as “the K-Pop guy.”

9. Chaeyoung sip meme

This photoset of TWICE‘s Chaeyoung went viral with how editable it is. The idol is seen taking a sip of her Starbucks drink and looking disgusted, only to look at the bottle of water longingly. Oh, the possibilities!

10. Mijoo posing

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo was seen posing and walking like a model on the way to Music Bank. Despite her members already being at the photo spot, the idol is still posing for the reporters and cameras. The video went viral on both Twitter and Facebook.

11. DK and Hoshi in the hot spring

Just a screenshot of DK and Hoshi chilling at the hot springs in Japan became a viral meme amongst Instagram users and Twitter users, with people laughing at their dazed look!

12. Yeri with her headphones

A clip of Yeri during Red Velvet‘s appearance on Knowing Bros went viral on Twitter, with people using it as a reaction GIF for different scenarios and replies.

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