7 Times Mark Lee Made Us Feel Like His Bestie During His Live Broadcast

Mark Lee + NCTzens = BFF goals💚

SuperM and NCT‘s Mark Lee is known for his down-to-earth personality and positive attitude. It was no surprise that he brought all the good vibes as he caught up with fans during a surprise live broadcast this evening. He always makes everyone feel loved. Here are seven times during his live that he made us feel like his bestie.

1. When he knew we missed him

He turned on the live broadcast because he knew we were missing him. 🥺 He was trying to be thoughtful of our schedules too.

2. When he asked our opinion

He asked us our thoughts before he posted a picture to Instagram!

3. When he encouraged us

He shared his words of wisdom on positivity. Anytime Mark Lee says anything, I honestly feel better.

4. When he let us listen in on his phone call

Chenle called just as Mark started his live broadcast so he let us listen in on their conversation.


5. When he wanted to share his thoughts with us

He explained the reason he created his Instagram was so he could share his writings.

6. When he posed for a spontaneous photoshoot

He knows we’re going to screenshot throughout the whole thing anyway so he gave us some unique poses to work with.


7. When he gave us a hug

Who else can say they’ve been bro-hugged by their idol?

Source: @daffodilbliss and NCT