10 Times Red Velvet’s Joy Was The Definition Of “Pretty In Pink”

#3 is so gorgeous!

Red Velvet‘s Joy is unbelievably gorgeous!

Red Velvet’s Joy | @_imyour_joy/Instagram

While Joy looks amazing in everything she wears, we absolutely adore when she wears pink. Here are 10 times Joy served major looks in pink!

1. “Feel My Rhythm” era Joy is already iconic

This photo is proof that you can never have too much pink! From Joy’s shirt, to the chairs, to the carpet, and even the flowers, we love everything in this picture!

2. The time she made a $30 dress look like a million bucks

This hot pink dress was a serve!

3. She’s a living, breathing work of art

Joy’s beautiful, pale pink dress from the “Feel My Rhythm” music video suits her so well!

4. Sweater weather

She looks so cute and cozy in this pink top!

5. There’s nothing “Dumb Dumb” about this look

Who knew pink jerseys could be so stylish?

6. Our pretty in pink, punk princess

There’s just something about this photo!

7. All pink, all beautiful

She looks so good in her pink crop top and pants!

8. Just a hint of pink makes all the difference

Joy’s pink top and socks are the perfect way to break up this white outfit and add a pop of color!

9. We’ll never stop talking about this pink outfit from The One and Only

Actress Joy is too iconic!

10. She’s 100% supermodel material

Joy looked runway ready in her dress from this Hello mood sampler!

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