20 Times Red Velvet’s Irene Looked Like She Literally Stepped Out Of A K-Drama

We need Irene to star in a K-Drama right now!

Fans have no doubt that Red Velvet‘s Irene would make a terrific actress, after all, she’s often surprised fans by looking like she stepped straight from the latest K-Drama! From looking classy and sophisticated just like the classic daughters from rich families role to being spunky and adorable like many lead characters, here are just a few times that Irene literally looked like she stepped out of a K-Drama!


1. When she stunned on the cover of Vogue


2. That time Irene just radiated calm energy


3. When we could totally imagine her as a successful CEO


4. When her visuals were out of this world


5. Classy and elegant indeed!


6. This time that she was just pure elegance


7. Her out-on-the-town look


8. Her jaw-dropping escalator ride


9. This move!


10. This quick mic fix that was way too hard on our hearts


11. This… just this!


12. Any time Irene shows off her amazing friendships with other idols!


13. Her adorable reaction to popping noises


14. Her soju CF that where she looked like a fairytale character


15. When she melted hearts with her charming smile


16. When her eyes looked straight into your soul


17. The time she was this cute in a “bubble” bath!


18. When she looked like an ethereal goddess at a baseball game


19. Any time she shows off her precious laugh


20. And when she looked like she just took home the best actress award

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