8 Times Red Velvet’s Joy Wore Suits And Made Everyone Say “Step On Me!”

There’s nothing Joy can’t pull off.

When it comes to fashion, Red Velvet’s “Sexy Dynamite” Joy is typically known for the one-piece dresses that showcase her figure perfectly. However, she also looks incredible in less feminine clothes—like suits. These 8 times Joy wore a suit or suit jacket had everyone begging “step on me!”.


Joy had everyone going crazy on April 7 2020 when she uploaded these photos of herself wearing a denim suit to Instagram.


This camel skirt suit gave Joy the ultimate strict teacher vibe, especially when paired with her oversized glasses. She treated fans to the photos in September last year.


This all-black look Joy served while performing “Bad Boy” in February 2018 was unforgettable. The black suit jacket was only made better by the ripped black pants and black satin shirt.


Suits were the theme of Red Velvet’s 2020 Season’s Greetings package, and Joy looked incredible in hers. She wore the blazer with no blouse underneath, and the chocolate color suited her perfectly.


This suit was one of Joy’s standout outfits from the Red Room in Japan tour in March 2018—especially because of the loose black tie she wore with it.


In February 2020, Joy uploaded these incredible photos of herself in an all-grey suit to Instagram and fans could not handle how hot she looked.


Joy looked rich AF in this beige houndstooth blazer from December 2019, especially paired with the long black boots. Who wouldn’t want her to step on them?


Espoir made the right call putting Joy in this brown tartan blazer for her photoshoot. Even the brands she works with know her power in a suit is unmatchable.

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