17 Times The “Run BTS!” Editors Were Savage AF To BTS

They took a page right out of Suga’s book.

BTS‘s variety show Run BTS! is hilarious, but the editors’ witty captions make it 10x funnier. Sometimes the editors shower the members with fangirly compliments. Other times, they get savage.


1. That time they called Jin an alpaca


2. When they created their own “.jpg” memes

3. When they didn’t give AF about the Boxing Team


4. When they questioned V’s sanity


5. When they didn’t do their job


6. When they illustrated Jin’s mental state


7. When they pointed out J-Hope’s pose


8. When they turned Jungkook into a cheetah…


9. …and Jin into a logo


10. When they doubted RM’s aegyo skills just as much as BTS did


11. When they created this unnecessary drama


12. When they pointed out J-Hope’s brain power


13. “THE END”


14. That time Hoseok.exe stopped working


15. “Dumb and dumber”


16. When they put these fails in slow motion…and added music


17. That time they turned J-Hope into an emoji to protect his human rights