11 Times SEVENTEEN’s DK Earned A Spot As The Hip Hop Teams Fifth Member

His rapping skills are very impressive!

SEVENTEEN‘s DK has many talents and is therefore known as many things, an amazing vocalist, a kind idol, a comedian, the list goes on and on. One talent that many people have also taken notice of is DK’s impressive rapping skills! Some even say he’s good enough to earn a spot on SEVENTEEN’s hip hop team.

Here are 11 times DK earned a spot as the hip hop teams fifth member

1. Never forget DK’s lightning-fast rap in GOING SEVENTEEN!

While on a karaoke challenge to gain a score of 100, DK didn’t hold back and gave it his all! He rapped with confidence and speed! The whole group was shocked!

2. DK’s morning rap!

During an episode of The Manager, DK livened up the morning with a fresh rap. Though the sun wasn’t up yet, DK’s incredible rap definitely brightened everyone’s day.

3. He needed everyone to know when, where, and with who he eats with

During another GOING SEVENTEEN episode, DK and Seungkwan teamed up to rap about hunger and eating. DK, once again, gained praise from his members.

4. He’s confident

DK needed to make a rap about how confident he is!

5. His high pitched rap

DK showed that he is a rapper like no other with his high-tone rap!

6. DK can get aggressive when he raps

Despite his cute high pitched rapping voice, DK got fierce and aggressive in his rap during this GOING SEVENTEEN episode.

7. When he did an impression of S.Coups

DK once rapped S.Coups‘ verse in Clap, but of course, DK did his own spin and rapped in his legendary high-pitched voice.

8. S.Coups’ rap again

S.Coups’ rap in Clap is so good that DK needed to do his rap in a low-pitched voice as well.

9. When he perfectly executed BIG BANG’s T.O.P’s rap

During his time on KBS CoolFM, DK and Seungkwan rapped to BIG BANG‘s Fantastic Baby and he passionately performed T.O.P‘s verse without any mistakes! It was perfect!

10. DK’s “Microphone Check” rap

In a diss rap battle against Joshua, the highlight of DK’s rap wasn’t his diss to Joshua, but his constant “Microphone check” line.

11. DK’s diss rap?

In another diss rap battle (DK VS. Seungkwan) DK couldn’t find anything bad to say about Seungkwan, so instead, DK hilariously complimented him.