7 Times SHINee’s Minho Proved He’s The King Of Charisma

He’s the master of stage presence!

SHINee‘s Minho is the OG king of charisma and stage presence!

SHINee’s Minho | @choiminho_1209/Instagram

Here are 7 times Minho absolutely dazzled us with his stage presence!

1. When he was singing about heartbreak, but we couldn’t help falling in love with him

Minho’s debut performance of “Heartbreak” on M Countdown was incredible! He really turned on his charisma for this performance!

2. He was on fire during the “Don’t Call Me” era

Minho’s fiery red hair was no match for his flaming charisma!

3. When he had all our eyes on him

“Odd Eye” Minho was unreal!

4. Effortlessly cool and charismatic

SHINee was extremely dressed down during “View,” and they inspired other groups to experiment with casual stage outfits. Minho rocked this super casual concept just as much as any other concept and proved that he’s charismatic at all times and in any clothing!

5. Literally every time he starts off “Sherlock”

It’s impossible to not get excited when Minho says “SHINee’s back” and stares into the camera!

6. He’s always been charismatic

When he debuted, Minho already had the stage presence of a veteran idol!

7. Let’s not forget about the “Ring Ding Dong” era

Minho’s stage presence during this era is particularly amazing. At the time, he was filming a variety show and studying for college entrance exams, and he STILL managed to wow us every time he took the stage! He must have been super tired during this era, but he never let it show.

To see more of Minho’s charisma in action, check out his performance of “Heartbreak” below!