10 Times TWICE’s Nayeon Looked Like A Parisian Peach In Berets

There’s no denying Nayeon looks “très belle” in a beret.

When TWICE’s “human peach” Nayeon wears a beret, she looks like she stepped straight off the streets of Paris. Here are 10 photos that prove just how pretty she looks in them.


Nayeon looked as pretty as a picture this cherry-red beret when she appeared on SBS’s Power FM 2PM Cultwo Show back in April 2018.


Since the red beret was a major feature of her styling for “What is Love?”, Nayeon also wore it when she filmed for KBS’s Entertainment Weekly School Attack.


Berets made another appearance in Nayeon’s styling a month later. She wore this dark beret embellished with a sparkling heart and cherry for the Japanese single “Wake Me Up”.


Nayeon has been rocking the beret look since debut. She looked just like a Parisian princess when she wore this pastel pink beret to the November 2015 “Like Ooh Ahh” fanmeeting.


ONCEs like to give Nayeon berets at fansigns since they know just how pretty she looks in them. One fan gave her a red beret at a “Feel Special” fansign in September 2019.


She also received a chic beige beret at a fansign for “Likey” era in November 2017.


Nayeon went from Parisian peach to Swiss sweetheart when she donned a black beret for TWICE TV5 in Switzerland in July 2018. There were some great snaps of it in the accompanying photobook.


She also wore a red knit beret on the same trip.


During a stage for “1 to 10” (“TT”’s promoted B-side) in October 2016, Nayeon wore this angelic white beret embellished with cute beads.


Last but not least, Nayeon wore a classic navy beret when she attended a Skoolooks event in January 2016. Imagine getting to wear that as part of your school uniform.