20 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Looked Way Too Adorable In Fansign Headbands

#15 is just the cutest!

There’s no doubt that TWICE‘s maknae Tzuyu always looks adorable. But there’s just something about fansign headbands that elevates her cuteness so much, it’s hard not to squeal. Take a look at 20 moments that proved it.

1. The pink kitty headband

2. The cow headband

3. The big blue bow headband

4. The red reindeer headband

5. The fairy flower crown headband

6. The ‘Sailor Moon’ bow headband

7. The cartoon headband (with precious specs!)

8. The silly chicken headband

9. Another gorgeous flower headband

10. The princess crown headband

11. The Minnie Mouse headband

12. The wizard Mickey Mouse headband

13. The deer headband

14. The teeny witches hat headband

15. A headband made with all the things fans compare Tzuyu to!

Yoda, a puppy, a fox, and Eevee—isn’t this the cutest?

16. The Minnie bow headband

17. The starry blue headband

18. The puppy dog headband

19. The fennec fox headband

20. The fluffy bear headband