4 Times TXT’s Beomgyu Spoiled Their Comeback Without Anyone Realizing

There was a reason he kept going live on Thursdays 🤭

TXT surprised excited fans with the teaser for their upcoming mini-album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child, slated for release in May and having a total of five tracks. Although fans had been waiting for Taehyun to drop all the spoilers, Beomgyu was the one giving out all the hints. Here are four times he got away with spoilers right under fans’ noses.


1. Split Second Spoiler

During TXT’s X:TIME news segment, Beomgyu mentioned the news of their comeback and included a special clue. He instructed viewers, “MOA, don’t blink, or you’ll miss it. Focus!

Right after that warning, the screen briefly showed the Korean word (목 or mog) that was shorthand for Thursday. Beomgyu gave out spoilers much earlier, though.


2. Live Broadcast

On November 18 of last year, Beomgyu held a live broadcast to catch up with viewers. Looking back, fans couldn’t help noticing the particular day.

Beomgyu had titled the live broadcast “Thursday Night.” It wasn’t the only time he gave out the same hint.

Title of Beomgyu’s live broadcast. | VLIVE

3. Deja Vu

The next month, on December 2, Beomgyu had another live broadcast and pointed out the coincidence as “deja vu.

Beomgyu made the hint even more obvious by saying, “It was a Thursday night last time too.” He didn’t stop there and almost got caught by fans.

4. Third Time’s The Charm

For the third time, Beomgyu held another live broadcast on January 6, using the same title “Thursday Night” as before. This time, fans began to notice. Beomgyu denied that he’d been giving any spoilers, “Is it a spoiler that I keep coming back on Thursday night? No.

Smiling, Beomgyu gave the simple explanation, “Somehow, I keep coming on Thursday.