9 Times V’s Dog Yeontan Overshadowed BTS

ARMY finds it hard to concentrate on BTS when Yeontan is around.

Yeontan is a teacup Pomeranian that belongs to V who is beloved by both BTS and ARMY alike. Whenever Yeontan is in a picture or video with the boys, the dog is often the centre of attention.

1. Jin’s Birthday Livestream

The first time ARMY got to see Yeontan was during Jin’s birthday live stream in 2017, V managed to sneak his beloved dog into the shot. ARMY couldn’t pay attention to Suga and Jin because Yeontan is just too cute.

2. ‘Hope World’ Mixtape Shooting

J-Hope played around with Yeontan in a behind-the-scenes look at the music video shooting for his mixtape but ARMY couldn’t focus on J-Hope and his mixtape because Yeontan was trying to wander.

3. Yeontan in a hoodie

ARMY couldn’t think about the other members for a whole day after seeing Yeontan in this outfit.

and he wore it better than Suga.

4. Yeontan playing tug of war with Jimin

Many ARMYs will be impressed by Jimin’s visuals here but Yeontan is no slouch in that regard and he’s winning the tug of war.

5. In The “Burn the Stage” movie trailer

Yeontan’s assisted dance cover of “Mic Drop” was very impressive.

6. Yeontan x KAWS

J-Hope and RM may have impressive figurine collections but Yeontan became a toy himself once.

7. Lunar New Year with Jin

Jin welcomed ARMY into the lunar new year but Yeontan stole the show.

8. Summer with Yeontan

9. Scary Yeontan

Yeontan may be the scariest member of the BTS family at times.