10 Tiny Details You Might Have Missed In BTS’s New Concept Photos

These details can easily slip by undetected.

BTS‘s latest concept photos for MAP OF THE SOUL: 7 are rich with tiny details, including references to classic paintings. Here are 10 details you might not have noticed at first!

1. RM and Suga’s chalices

In the Version 3 group photo, RM and Suga are the only two members not holding their glasses and their poses are very similar. Have they already drank their wine? Are they abstaining from it? Why? Why not? Who knows!

2. The cup placement

Every member who is holding a cup is holding it with his right hand, except for Jimin, who holds it in his left.

3. The juice stain on Jin’s jacket

Oh, no. Someone call the dry cleaner! We don’t want to know how much his outfit cost!

4. The white lilies that also appear in BTS’s past works, including “Blood, Sweat & Tears” MV

5. Speaking of flowers, check out the meanings behind these ones:

6. More lilies, but with different symbolism

In the Victorian language of flowers, lilies can mean innocence and love, but they are also associated with death, being commonly used at funerals.

Purple lilies, in particular, can represent pride, dignity, admiration, and accomplishment. The color purple is associated with royalty.

Only RMV, and Jimin have purple lilies in their photos.

7. In this group photo, there are white feathers on the table

The white feathers in this photo link the Version 3 photo set back to Version 1.

8. The room

One fan pointed out how similar the room from the Version 3 photos looks to the room from BTS’s “Awake” MV.

The rooms aren’t identical, but the similarities in their designs are unmistakable. Could the banquet room possibly be in another part of the same house?

If not, could it be symbolically linked to this similar room from BTS’s 5th Muster VCR?

 9. This cup

In the group photo, a cup that appears to belong to RM is all the way over by Jin.

This cup also appears in the background of Jin’s photo. It should also be noted that Jin is the only member who is eating from the table. He raises a grape to his lips while holding a pomegranate.

10. Jimin has the key to the lock on V’s bracelet