TMI News Ranks The Top 10 Most Impressive Idol Agency Buildings

Who has the most gorgeous, most expensive, and most practical building in the K-Pop world?

TMI News recently did a new ranking! This time, they went through what they thought were the most impressive K-Pop company buildings. Here are the results!

10. HYBE Company

Surprised? While the building is enormously gorgeous and has quite a few amenities, the cast mentioned that the company is only renting the building at the moment. Even though they may buy it in the future, it was hard for the cast to put them higher with a building the company doesn’t own yet.

| HYBE/YouTube


Aside from PSY being one of the most influential people in Korea, he has made fans swoon by grabbing popular soloists such as Jessi, HyunA, DAWN, Heize, Crush, and more. It is still quite a new company, but the building is very expensive, includes anything the artists may need, and multiple different buildings.

| Mnet K-POP/YouTube

8. DSP Media

DSP Media created many of the great K-Pop groups of the early generations, such as Sechs Kies, Rainbow, KARA, Fin:KL, and more. Now they are home to the amazing groups KARD, April, and MIRAE. Once again, the building is worth quite a bit of money and is in a lovely area.

| @shun5_5_5/Twitter

7. FNC Entertainment

FNC Entertainment has many successful artists such as SF9, N.Flying, P1HARMONY, Cherry Bullet, AOA, CNBLUE, and more. In terms of the building, it once won the Beautiful City Award from the Gangnam-gu District Office. They have several amenities, including a cafeteria, a gym, a studio, and even a sky park.

| Daily Kpop News

6. RBW Entertainment

Home to several groups such as MAMAMOO, ONEUS, ONEWE, VROMANCE, Purple Kiss, and more, this company has certainly risen in the ranks over the years. They have a beautiful building adorned with hundreds of windows.


5. Hook Entertainment

Hook Entertainment was the former home of Lee Seung Gi but now houses Oscar-winning actress Youn Yuh Jung and singer-songwriter Lee Sun Hee. Although the building may look humble, it is actually worth about 24 million dollars.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

4. JYP Entertainment

JYP Entertainment is, of course, one of the original big 3 companies and includes iconic artists such as TWICE, 2PM, Stray Kids, Day6, ITZY, Nizi-U, and more! The building includes a coffee shop, a restaurant, 11 producing rooms, and much more.

3. RAIN Company

Surprised? Although being extremely new, RAIN managed to make his company great already! Especially with the inclusion of Ciipher. It includes a restaurant, a cafe, a gallery, a salon, and more.

| Mnet K-Pop/YouTube

2. SM Entertainment

Of course, we have another company from the original Big 3. With iconic groups such as SHINee, EXO, aespa, NCT, Red Velvet, Girls’ Generation, TVXQ, Super Junior, and many more, this franchise is priceless. Not to mention, the building itself has a cafe, a supermarket, a museum, and much more.

| Korea JoongAng Daily

1. YG Entertainment

The final of the original big 3 has made it to the top! With iconic artists such as BLACKPINK, BIGBANG, TREASURE, iKON, Winner, AKMU, and more, YG Entertainment has been doing quite well for many years. Aside from the building being absolutely gorgeous, it includes a game room, a supermarket, personal producing rooms, a restaurant, and more. It is worth about 162 million dollars.

| My Daily
Source: Mnet K-Pop/Youtube