TMI News Ranks The Top 5 Korean Celebrities With The Best Home Interiors

Would you buy a $62,500 bookself?

TMI News has recently done a new ranking! This time, they went through different Korean celebrities’ homes to decide which has the best interior. Here are the results!

5. Actress Son Ye Jin

| @yejinhand/Instagram

Living in the wealthy Samseong neighborhood in the famous Gangnam district, Son Ye Jin is sure to have a luxurious home! It is a sleek and modern home with a gorgeous kitchen and a dining room featuring an antique cabinet. Much of her furniture also appears to be custom-made. Her spacious home is fitted with a walk-in closet and a living room the size of a hotel lobby.

4. EXO’s Kai

| @zkdlin/Instagram

EXO’s Kai has an impressive walk-in closet that stretches two rooms and is practically the size of a small store. He is extremely into fashion and needs as much space as he can get. His house is black and white with a large, comforting living room and even a secret area! He also has a sleek office space filled with expensive furniture and albums.

3. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

As one of Korea’s most influential figures, it’s no surprise his apartment looks amazing! His apartment complex includes amenities such as a swimming pool, a gym, a lounge, a cafe, and a park. The complex is very boxy and futuristic. He decked his space out with gorgeous murals and artwork with not a single space untouched. Practically everything in his house is art, including his dining room table, his mirror, his light fixtures, and even his $62,500 USD bookshelf!

2. Actor Bae Jong Nam

| @jungnam_bae/Instagram

Known for his outstanding physique and great fashion sense, Jong Nam understandably has a large space to hold his things and invite people to fit him. His living room has a jungle vibe as vines hang from the ceilings and walls, and the brown furniture adds to the nature look. His house’s biggest aspect, however, is his giant collection of antiques! From Buddha statues to African masks to war relics, he truly has it all!

1. Actor Yoo Ah In

| @hongsick/Instagram

Yoo Ah In stands as the most impressive home in Korea! Located in Itaewon, his house consists of three floors and a basement. All of his furniture come from luxury brands and cost thousands of dollars (even for a lamp)! However, his two most impressive pieces are his glass wine cellar and his custom-made desk from renowned woodworker George Nakashima.