The Top 10 Best-Selling Debut Albums By K-Pop Groups

There have been some phenomenal debuts in the last decade

After years of training and hard-work, some K-Pop groups had the fortune of taking the K-Pop world by storm when they finally debuted.

In the past decade, multiple K-Pop groups have sold a jaw-dropping number of copies even from debut.


The world was first introduced to four of the AB6IX members when they did their company proud with their “Welcome To My Hollywood” performance on the second episode of Produce 101 (Season 2).

With two WANNA ONE members, the duo of MXM and former YG Entertainment trainee Jeon Woong, the group debuted to high anticipation, selling 163,466 copies.

9. The Story Begins (TWICE)

After a challenging competition that was showcased to the world through reality girl group survival show SIXTEEN, nine girl were able to debut through TWICE, with their EP The Story Begins with lead single “Like Ooh-Ahh”, selling 183,632 copies.

Within a year, TWICE would soar to become known as the Nation’s Girl Group.

8. The Dream Chapter: Star (TXT)

The second boy group to debut from Big Hit Entertainment, TXT established themselves as monster rookies, by selling 189,338 copies of their debut EP.

The group set themselves apart as a youthful and lively group that showed off their individual charms.

7. 2 Cool 4 Skool (BTS)

BTS made their debut with the title track “No More Dream” whose biting critique of social pressures and the Korean school system set them apart as a group known for their social commentary.

With the meteoric rise of the group, their debut album’s sales continued to rise, and has been certified as 200,484 copies.

6. Color*Iz (IZ*ONE)

The girl group debuted from the winning contestants of Produce 48. They successfully met high expectations and the album broke the record for the highest first week sales for a debut album by a girl group.

So far, Color*Iz has sold 244,084 copies.


Fans had to wait nearly two years since debut, for BLACKPINK to release their Korean debut EP SQUARE UP.

The album met the hype of fans, with each of the four songs being universally lauded, and “Ddu-du Ddu-du” and “Forever Young” are regarded as K-Pop classics. The album has sold 270,787 copies.

4. The Beginning (JYJ)

In the aftermath of a lawsuit controversy that shook the K-Pop world, the former members of TVXQ formed their own trio JYJ in a separate company.

With many fans hoping for the best for this new group, JYJ released their debut studio album The Beginning, which was sung in English and features the likes of Kanye West and Flowsik. The album has been certified to have sold 293,664 copies on Gaon.

3. NCT 2018 Empathy (NCT)

Fans were excited with news that eighteen members of the NCT subunits would come together to collaborate on a studio album. This would also be the first official feature of new members Kun, Jungwoo and Lucas.

Featuring the talents of all the members, the album would go on to sell 361,792 copies.


Many people were intrigued with the superpower concept that SM Entertainment’s new boy group was pushing for each of its members.

With the title track “MAMA” of their debut album, the group was able to showcase their impressive vocal abilities and charismatic choreography, that foreshadowed them as a group that would take the K-Pop world by storm. The MAMA EP would go on to sell 528,460 copies.

1. 1X1=1 (TO BE ONE) (WANNA ONE)

The second season of Produce 101, can be best described as an emotional rollercoaster, with many viewers becoming invested, heartbroken and proud of the contestants who would eventually debut as WANNA ONE.

Spearheaded by the summer hit “Energetic” as its lead track, the album would sell an astounding 802,045 copies, putting WANNA ONE to an incredible start.