The Top 10 English K-Pop Songs Of 2021, According To Genius Korea

We’ve got all of these on repeat 🎶

There have been many great English K-Pop songs released this year! While there’s a long tradition of releasing English versions of songs that were originally recorded in Korean, 2021 gave us many songs that were originally recorded in English.

Here are the best 10 original English songs of the year, according to Genius Korea!

10. “Down (A.C.E. Version)” (A.C.E.)

There are actually two great English versions of this song! One includes just the A.C.E. members, and one features the American electronic duo, Grey.

“Down” is about falling for a stranger and noticing them become someone you can’t ever let go of after you get to know them. This song is perfect for jamming to on a chill day, and you’ll fall in love with its cool vibes.

9. “Borderline” (Sunmi)

This highly emotional song shows Sunmi getting super honest about her borderline personality disorder diagnosis.

The raw lyrics tell her story exceptionally well, and the chorus where she asks people to “please be on my side” is full of emotion. Although she’s been performing the song since 2019 and put out a special video for it in 2020, it wasn’t officially released until 2021 when she included it on the 1/6 mini album.

8. “The Weekend” (88Rising and BIBI)

This song is such a bop!

The lyrics show BIBI asking a lover why they only call her on the weekend. Even though the lyrics are angsty, the song’s groovy melody and catchy lyrics are decidedly upbeat.

7. “Magic” (TXT)

TXT definitely worked their magic with this song!

The song describes the feeling of love as magical, and the beautiful lyrics and funky beat pull listeners in and make them fall hard for the song.


Joshua and Vernon totally slayed this English track!

The lyrics are about trying to convince yourself you don’t need your ex after a breakup, and the song’s pop-punk vibes blend super well with the angsty lyrics.

5. “Lovers in the Night” (Seori)

This atmospheric EDM-inspired track is incredible!

Seori’s voice sounds absolutely gorgeous, and the beat is full of little ear candy moments that pull you in and make you want to play the song as loudly as possible.

4. “Helium” (SHINee’s Key)

Key ALWAYS over-delivers, and we’re 100% here for it!

“Helium” gives him a chance to show off his falsetto and his belting voice, which are both equally incredible. The song’s sensual lyrics and retro pop vibes will remain forever iconic.

3. “The Feels” (TWICE)

TWICE’s songs are always catchy, and their first English single is no different!

“The Feels” is full of catchy hooks and funky chord progressions. The song screams TWICE, and it’s definitely the perfect first English single for the group.

2. “Dream of You” (Chungha & R3HAB)

This dance-pop track shows just how iconic Chungha (also known as CHUNG HA) is!

While the song was released as a single in 2020, it was included on Chungha’s 2021 debut solo album, Querencia. The song’s addictive beat and Chungha’s gorgeous voice will have you playing “Dream of You” on repeat!

1. “Butter” (BTS)

“Butter” is an absolute bop!

BTS’s second English single is undeniably cool, and it’s the perfect song to strut your stuff to. The song is filled with pop culture references, good vibes, and glorious vocal runs.

Source: Genius Korea