Top 10 K-Pop Fan Light Sticks That Shine The Brightest Of Them All

They can be seen from miles away!

K-Pop fans’ lightsticks shine bright for the idols to see their love and support from far away and these 10 lightsticks have the brightest shine out of them all!


10th. ASTRO’s “Ro-Bong”


9th. IU’s “I-ke”


8th. MOMOLAND’s “Merry-Bong”


7th. Sunmi’s “Miya-Bong”


6th. SF9’s “Jigu-Bong”


5th. GFRIEND’s “Night-Sky-Bong”


4th. EXO’s “L-Bong”


3rd. SEVENTEEN’s “Carat-Bong”


2nd. MAMAMOO’s “Moo-Bong”


1st. Stray Kids’ “Nachim-Bong”


Source: Nate Pann