The Top 10 K-Pop Memes That Defined 2017

This is K-Pop in 2017 in memes.

2017 has been an incredible year for K-Pop as a genre. From BTS’s achievements in the United States to huge milestones for several artists on YouTube, K-Pop is becoming more and more of a worldwide sensation.

With K-Pop becoming more and more mainstream, of course, the internet has started having fun creating hilarious and relatable memes. Koreaboo grabbed the 10 K-Pop related moments and memes that define the year 2017.

1. More and more collaborations with global artists

Ever popular K-Pop music industry resulted in various collaboration projects between K-Pop idols and world-renowned artists. Steve Aoki, Gallant, and Fall Out Boy all released a track with their favorite K-Pop artists.

2. Global Recognition

2017 was a booming year for K-Pop concerts as artists brought their performances to more and more parts of the world. KARD, BTS, Taeyang, and Dreamcatcher all toured successfully outside of Asia.

3. The music videos

K-Pop is known for their creative music videos and 2017 was not an exception. Many of K-Pop’s most popular artists made major comebacks with music videos that seem to increase in production quality every year, giving fans more and more content to watch!

4. Reality Audition Programs

Starting with Mnet’s Produce 101 Season 2, audition programs in Korea were once again a big hit this year. Assembled by the viewers, Wanna One became a household name right after debut and other programs like KBS’s The Unit and JTBC’s MIXNINE are gaining more and more attention.

5. Dating and Marriage

From Girl’s Day Hyeri’s dating news with Ryu Jun Yeol to BIGBANG Taeyang’s marriage announcement, 2017 will be remembered as one of the most love-filled years in K-Pop.

6. Idols are taking over K-Dramas and Movies.

Many favorite K-Pop stars left positive impressions on various K-Drama and movies this year. BTOB’s Sungjae gained an enormous attention from his memorable role in Goblin, and f(x)’s Krystal is showing a great presence in tvN’s Prison Playbook.

7. BTS making history

BTS’s rise to the global stardom is one of 2017’s biggest stories. Their album was ranked Number 7 on the Billboard top 200 and in November, BTS made history in the United States as the first K-Pop band to perform at the American Music Awards. They also made the prestigious list of Billboard’s Top 10 Artists of the Year.

8. Idols maturing as artists

In 2017, many of idols showed their artistic maturity in various ways. The rise of idol producers such as Pentagon’s Hui and PRISTIN show their skill as they create tracks for not only themselves but for other K-Pop artists as well. Music is not the only thing as TWICE’s Chaeyoung had her artwork included as TWICE’s new album cover.

9. Idols on Social Media

Source: Aminopop

As technology advances, so do the communication methods. Artists such as BTS and Girls’ Generation frequently use it as their biggest advantage, constantly uploading content on their personal social media platforms to keep in touch with the fans. This effective way of marketing is relatively new, yet extremely successful, as social media platforms are more and more widely used as a communication tool between K-Pop artists and their fans.

10. Finally, all the sad news involving the disbandment and departures from groups

Many fan-favorite K-Pop groups have lost its members or completely disbanded in 2017. Fans were devastated by the news of 2NE1, SPICA and Wonder Girls disbanding completely or AOA, Oh My Girl, and LABOUM losing at least one member this year.