The Top 10 K-Pop Songs Of 2022 On The Melon Yearly Chart

These iconic songs have topped the charts through another year of great music!

2022 had many iconic debuts, comebacks, and releases. As we near 2023, here are the 10 K-Pop songs that are the top songs of 2022 on the Melon yearly chart.

10. “Beyond Love” by BIG Naughty (feat. 10CM)

BIG Naughty | @bignaughtyboi/Instagram

The 19 year old rapper and songwriter, BIG Naughty, released his song “Beyond Love” (feat. 10 cm) on April 20, 2022. Seven months later, the song remains one of the top releases of the year on the Melon music charts.

9. “That That” by PSY (feat. & prod. by BTS’s Suga)

PSY (left) and BTS’s Suga (right) | @42psy42/Instagram

PSY and BTS‘s Suga released “That That” just in time for college festivals and became the anthem of the summer for many with its catchy beat and fun dance. The song was released on April 29, 2022, and broke into the US Billboard Hot 100 chart at number 80.

8. “If You Lovingly Call My Name” by Jeon Gunho and Gyeongseo Yeji

Yeji (left) and Gyeongseo (right) | @gyeongseoyeji.official/Instagram

GyeongseoYeji is a female duo who debuted in 2020. They collaborated with Jeon Gunho to bring their track “If You Lovingly Call My Name” to life on May 19, 2021.

7. “Still Life” by BIGBANG

(Top row, L to R) BIGBANG’s Taeyang and G-Dragon (Bottom row, L to R) Daesang and T.O.P | YG Entertainment

BIGBANG delighted VIPs by making their long-awaited group comeback on April 1, 2022, with their single “Still Life.” The song earned them their 100th music show win, making BIGBANG the fifth group to earn that achievement.

6. “ELEVEN” by IVE

(From left to right) IVE’s Liz, Rei, Wonyoung, Yujin, Gaeul, and Leeseo | @IVEstarship/Twitter

IVE‘s debut single, “ELEVEN,” set the tone for the group’s impressive releases. IVE, who is coming up on their one year anniversary, has since released two more hit singles, “Love Dive,” and “After LIKE.”

5. “Love Always Run Away” by Lim Young Woong

Lim Young Woong | @limyoungwoong.official/Instagram

Popular trot singer Lim Young Woong released his song “Love Always Run Away” on October 11, 2021. Over a year later, the song, which appeared on the soundtrack for the KBS drama, Young Lady and Gentleman, remains one of the top songs of the year.

4. “Love, Maybe” by MeloMance

MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok (left) and Jung Dong Hwan (right) | @melomance_official/Instagram

MeloMance’s OST for the hit Korean drama, Business Proposal, is officially one of the top 5 songs of the year on the Melon music charts. The popular song “Love, Maybe,” was released on February 18, 2022 and quickly stole fans’ hearts.

3. “DrunKen Confession” by Kim Min Seok of Melomance

MeloMance’s Kim Min Seok | @m_l_i_j_201/Instagram

Kim Min Seok, the talented vocalist for the popular duo, MeloMance, released his solo song, “DrunKen Confession” on December 19, 2021, and it quickly topped music charts.

2. “TOMBOY” by (G)I-DLE

(From left to right) (G)I-DLE’s Minnie, Miyeon, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua | @official_g_i_dle/Instagram

(G)I-DLE released their lead single “TOMBOY” on March 14, 2022. The strong concept and catchy song had fans dancing and singing along for the last eight months.

1. “Love Dive” by IVE

| @IVEstarship/Twitter

IVE’s second single, “LOVE DIVE,” was released on April 5, 2022 and instantly became a hit. The song reached number one on Billboard’s K-Pop Hot 100 chart and remains on fans’ playlists.

Source: theqoo