Here Are The Top 10 Most Liked Girl Group Songs On Melon

Korea loves girl group songs, especially these ones.

Whether they’re in school, in the army or in a music festival, it’s clear that Koreans love their girl group songs.

And that is clear with many popular songs receiving hundreds of thousands of likes on Korea’s biggest music streaming platform, Melon.

Here are the top ten girl group songs that have received the most likes.

10. Downpour (I.O.I)

“Downpour” was the farewell song that I.O.I released before their disbandment. Thankfully for the many fans who miss the group, many of the original members have announced they will be reuniting for a highly anticipated comeback.

“Downpour” has received 156,000+ likes.

9. Russian Roulette (Red Velvet)

One of the catchiest songs ever released, just one listen is bound to get the chorus stuck in your head. The wacky instrumentals and charming vocals make “Russian Roulette” a unanimously beloved song in K-Pop.

“Russian Roulette” currently has 157,000+ likes.

8. Starry Night (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO grabbed the attention of the public with the release of “Starry Night” where they cemented themselves as top-notch performers and captivating vocalists. This Latin-inspired song topped the charts and added another well-deserved success to MAMAMOO’s discography.

“Starry Night” currently has 158,000+ likes.

7. Knock Knock (TWICE)

TWICE started 2017 off with a high, by releasing “Knock Knock” which perfectly highlighted the group’s infectious charm and bubblegum pop style.

“Knock Knock” currently has 159,000+ likes on Melon.

6. Bad Boy (Red Velvet)

It has been nearly two years since the release of “Bad Boy” and this song is still regarded as a masterpiece. The song showed a completely new side to Red Velvet and the members pulled through with their jaw-dropping styling and expertise at singing R&B.

“Bad Boy” deserved all the international and domestic acclaim it received. It currently has 160,000+ likes on Melon.

5. As If It’s Your Last (BLACKPINK)

This summery and fun-spirited song topped the charts when it was released and BLACKPINK received the love of both the general public and international fans. The girls blessed YouTube with their stunning beauty and powerful vocals, making “As If It’s Your Last” a K-Pop classic.

“As If It’s Your Last” has accumulated 182,000+ likes since its release.


TWICE returned with high expectations that were fully met with “TT” which turned out to be the perfect song for Halloween. This song was perfect in showcasing the energetic and bright vibe of the group. Not to mention, it had everyone performing the choreography, the months following the song’s release.

“TT” has garnered 190,000+ likes in the three years since its release.


A year of waiting for BLINKs had many anticipating the release of “DDU-DU DDU-DU” which is currently the most-viewed K-pop group video on YouTube. The song took the whole world by storm with everyone in Asia now knowing the iconic choreography.

“DDU-DU DDU-DU” currently has 210,000+ likes.

2. Cheer Up (TWICE)

Almost everyone will pinpoint “Cheer Up” as the song that propelled TWICE into becoming the “Nation’s Girl Group”. The song was the best performing single of 2016, which is even more stunning when you realize that this was TWICE’s first comeback. With too many iconic parts to mention, “Cheer Up” is definitely one of the most beloved songs in Korea and the world.

“Cheer Up” has accumulated 213,000+ likes since its release.

1. Red Flavor (Red Velvet)

“Red Flavor” is officially the most liked girl group song on Melon, with 215,000+ likes on the streaming platform.

Considered the ultimate summer anthem, Red Velvet had everyone feeling cheerful and reinvigorated with their refreshing vocals and uplifting melodies. “Red Flavor” also won Best Pop Song at the 2018 Korean Music Awards, cementing the group’s critical acclaim for their discography.