10 Most Viewed K-Pop MVs of All Time

K-Pop has become a global phenomenon as of late, which translates into some major YouTube views! Who made the list of all-time highs? While some artists are expected, others may surprise you!

Check out this list of K-Pop Top 10 Most successful music videos on YouTube! Did your favorite groups make the list?

10. BTS – Dope (261.5M views)

9. BTS – Fire (273.2M views)

8. BLACKPINK – Boombayah (277.9M views)

7. BIGBANG – Bang Bang Bang (290.5M views)

6. TWICE – TT (316.7M views)

5. PSY – Daddy [feat. CL] (330.2M views)

4. BIGBANG – Fantastic Baby (337.9M views)

3. PSY – Oppa Is Just My Style [feat. Hyuna] (713.6M views)

2. PSY – Gentleman (1.14B views)

1. PSY – Gangnam Style (3.07B views)

Source: K-Ville Entertainment