Top 10 Most Popular Korean Snacks Of All Time

How many of these have you tried?

10. Cheetos

This cheesy goodness comes in 10th for total sales in 2017. Koreans love all variations of Cheetos (치토스), including the spicy, cheesy, and BBQ flavors!


9. Corn Chips

Corn Chips (콘칩) ranks 9th in sales! This super crisp corn-flavored chips taste amazing paired with milk or tart frozen yogurt!


8. Honey & Apple Twists

Honey & Apple Twists (꿀꽈배기) from 1999 is one of Koreans’ favorite snacks to have with drinks! It’s, crunchy and sweet!


7. Honey Butter Chip

When Honey Butter Chip (허니버터칩) first came out, there was fierce nationwide competition to grab a bag before it sold out everywhere! This potato chip has the perfect balance between sweet and salty.


6. Matdongsan

Matdongsan (맛동산) is a fried snack with crushed peanut sprinkles. This snack is known to destroy the roof of your mouth because of how crunchy it is!


5. Squid & Peanuts

While Squid & Peanuts (오징어땅콩) does not quite taste like squid, it does have a whole peanut in the center of this ball shaped snack. Some Koreans enjoy the entire ball as is, and some crack it open in half first and spit out the peanuts.


4. Pringles

Pringles (프링글스) are quite popular in Korea as they are worldwide! Red Velvet‘s Seulgi is known for her love of these crispy potato chips.


3. Pocachip

Pocachip (포카칩), almost identical in flavor with Lays or any other classic potato chips, ranks 3rd in 2017 sales! These thin-sliced potato chips are Koreans’ go-to snack for a beer night.


2. Shrimp Flavored Crackers

Shrimp Flavored Crackers, or sae-woo-kkang (새우깡), is a classic Korean snack from 1971. Reportedly, 4-5 shrimps are used to make each bag. This is by far the most popular snack to pair with Korean soju!


1. Kkokkal Corn

Kkokkal Corn (꼬깔콘), the Korean equivalent of Bugles, takes 1st place in total sales in 2017! The classic way to enjoy this snack is, of course, to stick them on your fingertips like Wanna One‘s Hwang Minhyun is doing.

Source: Dispatch