The Top 10 Rising K-Pop Soloists And Groups That Are Streamed The Most Globally

You’ll want to check them out since they’ll be the next big thing.

With the end of the year coming closer with each day, many have been sharing their most streamed artists on Spotify. Since K-Pop is one of the most popular genres, the streaming site features a playlist of up-and-coming artists that could be the next big thing. Here are the top ten rising K-Pop soloists and groups that people around the world are streaming most.

10. ONF

| @wm_on7off/Twitter

Although ONF is a six-member group from WM Entertainment that debuted back in 2017, their popularity is rising. With unique concepts and songs like “Sukhumvit Swimming”, the group is capturing the interest of fans all around the world.

9. Grizzly

| 1theK(원더케이)/YouTube

Grizzly is a singer-songwriter under EGO Entertainment who’s co-written songs for Chungha and produced for B1A4. He debuted as an artist in 2014 and has recently gained attention with his smooth R&B vocals through releases like “Favorite”.


Entertainment company RBW‘s ONEUS should be a group that fans of survival shows are familiar with. Since more than half of its members appeared in Produce 101 Season 2, most of them were already known to fans. Following their many releases since their 2018 debut, they hooked fans in with their one-of-a-kind concepts and sound.


Fittingly ranked right along with their brother group, RBW’s ONEWE should be just as familiar as ONEUS. All five of the members appeared on the show The Unit and had originally debuted as MAS 0094. While ONEUS has the traditional boy group angle covered, ONEWE is the latest idol band fans are loving worldwide.


| @Creker_THEBOYZ/Twitter

Although Cre.Ker Entertainment‘s THE BOYZ debuted back in 2017, the group is gaining more and more attention from how much they’ve matured since their debut. Through their latest darker concepts, they’re becoming a group that’s getting the recognition they deserve.

5. A.C.E

| @official_ACE7/Twitter

Like THE BOYZ, Beat Interactive‘s A.C.E debuted back in 2017 and has been pumping out creative comebacks ever since. The group even made headlines for rocking crop tops long before they were a trend for male groups, bringing a version of the look back for their latest track “Goblin (Favorite Boys)”.


At the mention of 2020’s most well-received debut groups, Vine Entertainment‘s girl group SECRET NUMBER took the K-Pop world by storm and immediately gained fans with their stellar debut “Who Dis?” Their follow-up “Got That Boom” didn’t disappoint either, giving everyone the powerful vocals and fun time they were looking for.


Like Grizzly, BIBI, the Tiger JK founded Feel Ghood Music solo artist, has vocals that are raking in streams. Her smooth, soulful tone, combined with the fact that she’s not afraid to get explicit, endears her to listeners even more. She’s even gained millions of views on her videos for her candid vibe and music.

2. AleXa

When AleXa debuted with her music video for “Bomb”, she instantly captured the interest and racked up millions of views. With her inspiring story of going from an average American girl to a worldwide K-Pop star, she’s a solo artist to watch out for. The fact that all her comebacks remain just as unique as her debut keeps fans wanting more.


Before YG Entertainment‘s latest boy group TREASURE made its debut, they were already on fans’ radar through the survival show YG Treasure Box. Between their pre-debut tracks and recent single albums, no wonder the group takes the top spot for a group that’s becoming more and more loved by fans around the world.

Source: Spotify and Twitter
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