These Are The Top 10 “Road To Kingdom” Performances Most Viewed By Korean Netizens

#6 was so emotional!

Mnet‘s Road to Kingdom has finally drawn to a close! The Boyz came out victorious on the show’s finale, followed by ONF, Pentagon, ONEUS, and VERIVERY. Of course, every group got their share of the limelight when it came to performances. Wondering what Korean netizens thought of the stages leading up to the finale? Here are the top 10 most viewed performances from the show on Naver.

#10. Pentagon & ONF (Round 3 Part 1) – 41k views

The collaboration between the two groups in the first part of round 3 surprised fans and their competitors. The rearranged version of BLACKPINK’s “Kill This Love” was nothing like the original, adding a raw and emotional quality that gave both groups the opportunity to show off their heart wrecking vocals and smooth dance moves. Pentagon and ONF worked in perfect synergy with each other, showing how adaptable they are. Some of the most talked about parts of the performance were Wooseok’s interesting delivery of his rap parts and Hui’s impressive downtempo rearrangement.

#9. Pentagon (Round 1) – 47k views

Pentagon’s rock version of Block B’s “Very Good” showed fans and Road to Kingdom viewers a completely new side to the group. The energetic and sharp choreography matched with flawless vocals made it clear that Pentagon hadn’t come to play. The edgy outfits, the guitar strums, and the member’s impressive stage presence and face expressions left fans more than excited for what Pentagon would bring to the table in the upcoming rounds.

#8. Golden Child (Round 1) – 50k views

Making their debut on Road to Kingdom‘s first round, Golden Child gave a beautiful fairy tale like version of “T.O.P” (by Shinhwa). Reinforcing the “Swan Lake” sample in the rearrangement of the track, Golden Child added a magical touch to their stage. From the energetic rap to the angelic vocals to the impressive dance break, the stage left many fans impressed and excited for the group’s upcoming performances in and out of Road to Kingdom.

#7. ONF (Round 3 Part 2) – 62k views

Starting off with a small recap of all their stages on Road to Kingdom, ONF’s version of Rain’s “It’s Raining” was as iconic as all their performances. The added dance break was definitely one of the highlights of this performance, allowing the members to show off their skills. The rearrangement of the track was also another big plus for ONF. Fans also mentioned how including the composer of the rearrangement and their dance trainer in the performance was a sweet gesture from the group.

#6. Pentagon (Round 2) – 64k views

As expected, given the chance to perform an original song, Pentagon chose their most popular track, “Shine”. The energetic rearrangement of the track made even their competitors break out in dance and wide smiles—though the performance quickly changed once member Jinho hit his high note during the song. The Pentagon members took the opportunity to give an emotional goodbye to Jinho ahead of his enlistment by singing “Spring Snow”, bringing everyone to tears, from the fans to the competitors.

#5. ONF (Round 1) – 66k views

ONF chose to perform a rearranged version of SHINee’s “Everybody” for the first round of Road To Kingdom. The new track’s added violins and synths made ONF’s singing and choreography even more mesmerizing, leaving Koreans more than impressed with the group’s creativity. Original ONF fans said that the performance showed them a new side of ONF, while SHINee fans said ONF’s arrangement definitely did justice to the original track.

#4. The Boyz (Round 2) – 68k view

Round 2, the “My Song” round, gave The Boyz the opportunity to perform their own song: “Reveal (Catching Fire)”. The highlight of the performance however, was the way leader Sangyeon rearranged the track, shocking the audience once again with their unique stage. Even their competitors were left speechless at the end of the performance!

#3. The Boyz (Round 3 Part 2) – 79k views

Originally performed by VIXX, “Shangri La” was performed by The Boyz after it was announced that the groups would be switching songs with a counterpart. Though The Boyz initially chose to perform INFINITE’s “Be Mine”, they did more than just live up to expectations. The soft and delicate “Shangri La” performance surely brought in more fans for the group, especially with the added touch of Sunwoo and Hyunjae‘s impressive stunts.

#2. The Boyz (Round 1) – 81k views

The Boyz’s performance of “Danger” (by SHINee’s Taemin) was a hot topic on social media for days after it aired. One of the members, Sunwoo, performed a dangerous acrobatic trick to spice up the performance, leaving everyone else with their mouths hanging open. Taemin himself was so impressed by The Boyz’s cover, he mentioned how cool and handsome they looked on his Instagram live broadcast.

#1. ONF (Round 2) – 86k views

Seems like Korean viewers loved ONF’s performance of “We Must Love” the most! One of the main highlights of the performance was Oh My Girl’s YooA making a surprise appearance, but above all, the arrangement and the choreography of the song left fans truly surprised. Many mentioned that this round’s performance was very different from their first, showing off ONF’s versatility.