Top 10 Most Searched 5th Gen Male Idols On Naver In 2023

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Popularity is one of the best measures of an idol’s impact and presence in an industry as competitive as K-Pop. Though there are different ways to measure an idol’s popularity, Naver, the most used South Korean search engine, has remained a reliable and accurate method. Fan calculations on Instiz have revealed the top 10 5th generation male idols that were searched the most on the platform in the past year.

1. RIIZE’s Wonbin

Topping the list is Wonbin from RIIZE, with an impressive 980,000 searches. His skyrocketing popularity is a testament to his immense talent and charismatic stage presence, which have resonated with fans globally.

2. RIIZE’s Seunghan

Seunghan from RIIZE follows closely with 975,100 searches. His popularity has likely been influenced by the controversies and his recent hiatus, sparking increased public interest and discussion about him.

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3. RIIZE’s Sohee

Sohee, another member of RIIZE, has garnered 694,300 searches. His unique style, vocal prowess, and dynamic performances have made him a standout figure in the group and the industry.

4. RIIZE’s Anton

Anton from RIIZE has attracted 558,000 searches. His distinctive talents and contributions to the group’s music and performances have significantly boosted his popularity.

| @riize_official/Instagram

5. RIIZE’s Seungchan

Seungchan, part of RIIZE, has captured the attention of fans with 442,400 searches. His abilities as an entertainer and performer have played a crucial role in the group’s growing fanbase.

6. RIIZE’s Eunseok

Eunseok from RIIZE registered 359,500 searches. His charm and skills on stage have made him a favorite among fans, contributing to his rising popularity.

7. RIIZE’s Shotaro

Shotaro of RIIZE has achieved 315,600 searches. His energetic performances and engaging personality have endeared him to a wide audience.

8. ZEROBASEONE’s Sung Hanbin

Sung Hanbin from ZEROBASEONE garnered 294,100 searches. His talent and stage presence have made him a prominent figure in the group and the broader K-Pop scene.

9. ZEROBASEONE’s Kim Jiwoong

Kim Jiwoong of ZEROBASEONE attracted 248,200 searches. His artistic abilities and unique style have played a significant role in his popularity.

10. ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao

Rounding off the list is Zhang Hao from ZEROBASEONE, with 212,700 searches. His diverse skills and international appeal have contributed to his growing fame.

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Source: Instiz