TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of EXO’s Jin

Jin proves why he is “Worldwide Handsome” in these ten, sexy outfits!

1. Glittery Suit

BTS‘s Jin turns snazzy into sexy with his glittering black jacket and red tie.


2. Shining Suit

All eyes are on Jin when he wears this reflective suit coat and low cut button-up.


3. Striped Shirt & Black Blazer

BTS fans are forever grateful to BTS’s choreographer for adding this sexy move into the “Run” dance. This sleeveless shirt puts Jin’s broad shoulders on full display!


4. Diamond Jacket

Jin is the King of Diamonds in this sparkling red and black bomber jacket.


5. Red Striped Shirt

Jin’s loose, red and white button-up hangs from Jin’s wide shoulders in the most flattering way possible.


6. Red Bomber Jacket

Jin rocks this a fresh and funky look in this casual, printed T-shirt and red and white bomber jacket.


7. Tuxedo

Jin is living proof of why men’s suits never go out of style. It shows off his world-wide handsomeness perfectly!


8. Red Embroidered Jacket

Prince Jin shows off his regal side in this gold embroidered, red velvet jacket.


9. Military Uniform

Jin brings his fangirls’ hero fantasies to life in this stylish, military stage outfit.


10. Police Uniform

Jin looks criminally handsome in this sexy, police uniform. Looking this good just can’t be legal!