TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of BTS’s Suga

“Suga” is the new “Sexy”.

1. Black Suit

Suga brought out his sexy, dark side in this midnight ensemble.


2. Red & Black Jacket

Suga looked like a vampire prince in this brocade jack and satin shirt.


3. Laced-Up Leather Jacket

Suga brought out his inner bad boy in this punk-style coat.


4. Sleeveless Shirt & Pleather Pants

Suga showed off some skin in this striped tank. The pattern complements his sexy, black pants.


5. Old School Jacket, Leather Pants, & Punk Tee

Suga brought a classic punk-rock vibe to the modern era in this bold jacket and printed T-shirt.


6. Denim Jacket & White Shirt

Suga couldn’t look better in this denim outfit! His shirt’s drooping neckline called attention to his collarbones, and his black hat tied the entire outfit together.


7. Silver Blouse & Glossy Pants

Suga shone like the star he is in his shimmering silver button-up and tight black pants.


8. White Shirt, Black Jacket, & Choker

Suga got scandalous in this low-cut shirt and black jacket. His choker was both sexy and glamorous!


9. Rose Blazer & White Cravat

Suga looked like true nobility in his aristocratic, red jacket and classy blouse.


10. Leather Jacket

Suga’s airport fashion brought bad boy fantasies to life!