TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of BTS’s J-Hope

BTS’s happy virus, J-Hope, shows off his sexy side in these ten stage outfits!

1. Red Jacket & Striped Shirt

J-Hope looks like a naughty Mad Hatter in this bold, whimsical suit who is ready to take A.R.M.Y to Wonderland!


2. Green Jacket & Tuxedo

J-Hope put on a memorable show for his audience when he shed his velvet green and black jacket to reveal a tuxedo!


3. Striped Shirt & Black Jacket

During a performance of “Run”, J-Hope shrugged off this blazer to reveal his shoulder muscles!


4. Classic Black Suit

J-Hope looks debonair in this dark, fashionable ensemble.


5. Police Uniform

If J-Hope were a real police officer, fans would be lining up to be handcuffed. The white uniform totally suits him!


6. Black Military Uniform

J-Hope rocks white uniforms, but he looks just as gorgeous when he goes dark!


7. Sparkling Jacket & Cravat

J-Hope looks devilishly dapper in his aristocratic blouse and shimmering coat.


8. Glimmering Bucket Hat

Not many people can pull off a bucket hat, but this “MIC Drop” accessory looks stylish on J-Hope, especially when combined with his glittery, white jacket.


9. School Uniform

Class President J-Hope shows fans his rebellious side in this uniform-inspired stage outfit.


10. Celestial Silver Jacket & Jeans

This multi-colored jacket shines almost as bright as J-Hope’s personality! His ripped jeans add a street-wise, hip-hop vibe to this sparkling stage.