TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of BTS’s RM

From hip-hop tank tops to snazzy suits, RM looks sexy in just about everything!

1. Suit? Yes. Tie? No!

RM shows off his suave side in this classy, black suit and white button-up.


2. Red, Black, & Gold Chains

RM transforms into a badass rockstar in this red and black ensemble, complete with decorative, gold chains.


3. Shiny Black Jacket & Shorts

RM is too hot in this plastic ensemble. Literally. If it wasn’t for his sexy shorts, RM’s skin (much like his fans) wouldn’t be able to breathe!


4. White Button-Up & Jeans

RM is total boyfriend material in these comfy, ripped jeans and loose, white dress shirt.


The gold trimmings on his shirt makes this top subtly glamorous!


5. Black Choker & Jacket

BTS’s Wings era gifted the fandom with some of BTS’s sexiest outfits. RM’s V-cut shirt, shimmering jacket, and choker are definitely high up on the list!


6. Old School Glasses & Sparkling Tie

RM pays homage to his debut days with his Wayfarer-style sunglasses. Once the sunglasses and poofy coat come off though, RM’s new, swankier style dazzles the crowd.


7. Braided Blazer

RM looks like true royalty in this majestic suit jacket!


8. Airforce Uniform

RM’s sexiness soars to new heights in this airforce inspired, military uniform.


9. Silver Suit

RM couldn’t look more dashing in this dazzling, silver suit!


10. Tank Top & Leather Pants

Sleeveless RM is a rare sight these days, but back in BTS’s earlier years fans used to see RM’s arm muscles a little more often!