TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s Youngjae

Youngjae struts his stuff in these stylish stage outfits!

1. Striped Shirt & Black Turtleneck

On most people, this usual, mismatched outfit might prompt the question, “did you dress in the dark?”. On Youngjae, this look couldn’t be more stylish! 


2. Striped Bomber Jacket & Black Outfit

Youngjae gives new life to the classic red, white, and black color combo with this simple stage outfit.


3. Long Suit & Short Pants

Youngjae looks dapper in this fashion-forward, black and white suit. Traditional suits usually consist of long-legged pants and shorter jackets, but Youngjae’s does the opposite!


4. Beaded Jacket & Textured Top

Youngjae combines various textures in this chic, white and black outfit. His fiery belt adds an unexpected spark of color.


5. Black & White Suit

Youngjae transforms into the perfect gentleman in this aristocratic “LAPEL” jacket.


6. Red Suit

Youngjae works his princely charms in this regal, black-trimmed, red suit.


7. Suspenders & Jeans

Cute or sexy? Youngjae is both in this high-waisted, suspender outfit.


8. School Uniform

Youngjae plays the part of an attractive honor student in this school uniform inspired get-up. The gold glasses make him look even more intelligent than he already is!


9. Sporty Tank & White Jacket

Youngjae is total boyfriend material in this sporty, mesh tank top and casual, white jacket. Fans can even get a glimpse of his shoulder tattoo!

His Latin tattoo says “Ars longa. Vita brevis”, which means “Art is long. Life is brief”.


10. Long Tie & Frayed Suit

Youngjae’s black tie and frayed jacket details flutter with each sexy dance move he makes.