TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s BamBam

Baby-face BamBam flaunts his flirty side in these sexy outfits!

 1. Glittering Jacket & Pants

BamBam dazzles his adoring audience in this twilight ensemble.


2. Buttons Are Optional

BamBam used to be one of GOT7‘s “babies”, but now he is all grown up and taking after Jackson in this sexy, unbuttoned suit!


His pinkish Calvin Klein underwear adds a bold splash of color!


3. Sexy Black Suit

BamBam seems to have forgotten something while putting on this dark suit—his shirt!


4. Red Suit

Look! BamBam remembered his shirt this time! He looks fiendishly handsome in this scarlet suit and black shirt.



5. White Suit & Choker

BamBam looks divine in this pure white suit and drooping black shirt. His choker and gemstone accessories add a dash of glam to an otherwise simple suit.


6. Gold Suit Jacket

BamBam’s shimmering, gold jacket matches his blonde hair exquisitely!


7. Lace Shirt & Leather Pants

From his lacey shirt to his tight, leather pants, everything about BamBam’s outfit screams, “guilty pleasure”.


8. Denim Jacket & Jeans

Although BamBam looks marvelous in suits, he can also pull off a more rugged look by wearing this ripped, denim outfit.


9. Sparkling Red Jacket

BamBam’s bold, pink hair do and bedazzled jacket transform him into a sassy rockstar.


10. Black Jeans…and not much else!

Dancing is hot. Stage lights are even hotter. BamBam’s choice to go topless is a totally practical one. Fans wouldn’t want him to faint, would they?