TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s Jackson

Jackson lives up to his “wild and sexy” reputation in these ten, sizzling stage outfits!

1. Red Silk Shirt

Jackson is GOT7‘s “wild and sexy” member for good reason! During one performance, he used this red button-up to perform a teasing dance for his fans.


2. Black Denim Jacket

Jackson’s star quality can turn even a simple jacket like this one into glam-wear!


3. Black Tank Top

This sleeveless, black muscle shirt just might look better off than on!


4. Calligraphy Jacket

Jackson combines this red jacket’s traditional Japanese fabric with hip-hop swagger. The jacket’s red perfectly matches his striped track pants too.


5. Torn Hoodie & Jeans

Jackson flaunts his muscular arms in this casual, cut-off hoodie…


..and his sexy thighs in these ripped jeans!


6. Black Button-Up & Black Pants

Jackson looks charismatic and cool in his dress shirt and tight, black pants.


7. Unbuttoned Button-Up & Blazer

Jackson seems to wear layers with the sole intention of taking them off. His sexy, bare-chested performance makes fans lose their minds!


8. Leather Coat

Bad boy Jackson is a dream come true in this sexy, leather jacket and revealing dress-shirt.


9. Red Leather Jacket

Jackson looks just as fantastic in red leather as he does in black!


10. Mesh Shirt

Jackson isn’t exactly shy about showing off his body, but fans will never grow tired of seeing it!