TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s JB

GOT7’s leader shows off his sexy side in these ten stage outfits.

1. Dark Red Suit

JB flaunts his suave side in this dapper, dark red suit.


2. Pentagram Jacket & White Tee

JB makes fans go wild in this sexy punk-style jacket and white T-shirt.


3. White Suit

JB proves that white can be just as alluring as black in this bright white suit.


4. Black Suit

Black hair, black suit, black shirt – black everything! JB shows off his charisma in this ebony ensemble.


5. Punk Jacket

JB rocks this edgy, punk-inspired outfit. The unbuttoned shirt and ripped details on the jacket give him a handsome, bad boy look.


6. Dotted Suit

Supermodel JB turns the stage into a catwalk in this stylish, rivet-studded suit.


7. Long Suit Jacket & White Button-Up Shirt

JB seduces his audience with this handsome, disheveled look.


8. Sleeveless Tank & Dress Pants

JB combines casual and formal with this revealing “Fly” tank top and dressy bottoms.


9. Black Three-Piece Suit

JB looks elegant and dignified in this formal, three-piece suit. His earrings, tie clip, and studded belt add just the touch of edgy glam.


10. Denim Jacket & Jeans

JB may look marvelous in suits, but he just as sexy in more casual wear, like this ripped denim ensemble.