TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of GOT7’s Yugyeom

GOT7’s maknae shows off his grown-up image in these ten, sexy stage outfits!

1. Black & White Suit

Yugyeom performs a tantalizing dance in this stylish, black and white suit.


2. Black Suit

By replacing the classic, cotton button-up with a sexy, silk one, Yugyeom turns this plain suit into an ultra-sexy one!


3. Striped Top & Dress Shirt

Yugyeom brings a modern, artsy flare to the stage with this geometric top, dressed up with a black button-up.


4. Silver & Black Shirt

Yugyeom dazzles fans in this sparkling silver shirt that peeks out under a satin, black one. His ripped pants add a grungey edge to this fancy outfit!


5. Knitted Sweater & Black Tank Top

Who knew a sweater could be this sexy? Yugyeom couldn’t look hotter in this see-through, knitted sweater and sleeveless shirt!


6. Ripped Sweater & Black Jeans

Yugyeom seduces his audience with his unraveling, tan sweater and ripped, black jeans.


7. Red Shirt & Leather Jacket

Yugyeom brings out his rebellious side in this loose-fitting, leather jacket,  and ESC dress shirt.


8. White Shirt & Black Choker

Yugyeom’s airy, white shirt and stretchy, black pants help him to perform this sizzling dance. His black choker is the perfect accessory to complete this sexy outfit.


9. Gold Shirt & Beaded Jacket

Yugyeom shines like the star he is in this embellished jacket, and translucent, gold top.


10. Red Suit & Black Turtle Neck

Yugyeom doesn’t need to show skin to be sexy! He looks just as handsome in this high-necked shirt and red suit.