TOP 10 Sexiest Outfits Of Red Velvet Irene

Here are some of Irene’s hottest outfits that nearly gave fans a heart-attack! Check them out below!

1. Red Wrap Crop Top With Vintage Shorts

A perfect summer look!

2. Automatically Chic And Classy

3. Swimsuit And Overalls

Not just anybody can pull off a look like this!

4. Long Comfy Dress Shirt With Shorts

Comfortable and breathable pastel clothes!

Her shirt was so big, it covered her shorts at times!

5. This Classy As Hell Look

Fashion sense off the chain.

Equally as stunning from the front.

6. Cute, Yet Also Sexy

Showing off her amazing arms and legs!

Absolutely oozing with sexiness!

7. Booty Shorts

How could she be so adorable and hot at the same time?

Imagine Irene as a cheerleader…

Looking amazing from every angle!

8. Enchanting Black Swan 

Like a princess from a fairytale!

Look at her collarbones!

9. Queen Of Off-The-Shoulder Dresses

Sexy and innocent at the same time!

Irene’s side-profile is art!

10. This Colorful Superhero Outfit