Top 10 Sexiest Stage Outfits Of MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul That Will Make You Thirsty

Short skirts or powerful suits? Get you an idol who can do both.

MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul sure knows how to set the stage on fire!

The group’s rapper and dancer does this by giving powerful performances while serving these sexy outfits that will make every MooMoo reach for the nearest glass of water.

Here are the top ten sexiest outfits of Moonbyul while performing:

1. Striped blazer with a black tie

The striped blazer lets Moonbyul give off a powerful vibe, while the short adds a hint of girl power into the whole outfit.

2. White-on-white ensemble

When you think of white, angels come into mind. So why is it that Moonbyul surprisingly looks badass while wearing this on stage?

3. Classic white shirt with tie

This outfit is perfect with or without a blazer — the striped tie is the key point to complete the whole look.

4. Red suit with black choker necklace

Moonbyul is one of those rare K-Pop idols who can rock androgynous fashion — wearing this red suit while serving a sexy performance to MooMoos proves this.

5. Denim and white

The crop top is sexy on its own, but putting a denim jacket over it balances the whole look.

6. Black-on-black look

Moonbyul gives off a naughty vibe while wearing white — and then she gives off a demure vibe when she’s wearing black. It’s what makes the fans ask for more.

7. Racer outfit

Moonbyul may not know how to race cars, but she sure is successful in raising the heart rate of her fans by wearing this powerful outfit while performing.

8. Casual jacket with backwards cap

If you don’t think this look is swag enough, then you’re lying to yourself.

9. Leather punk ensemble

It seems like the perfect combination for Moonbyul is putting a cool top on, and then complementing the outfit with shorts.

10. Classic suit and tie

MAMAMOO’s lead rapper looks suave and sophisticated in this fashionable attire.