TOP 10 Sexiest Stage Outfits Of Ga In

Did someone turn up the heat in here?!

10. This outfit that went from cute & comfy to hot & bothered instantly.

9. When Gain gave us LIFE with these sexy fishnet stockings.

8. This gorgeous gold one-piece that hugged her in all the right places.

7. This little leather outfit that was heart-stopping.

6. This red two-piece set that left nothing to the imagination.

5. Gain in a harness, leather hot pants, and knee-high boots is what dreams are made of.

4. Gain’s outfit for “Paradise Lost” was the gift that kept on giving.

3. And giving.

2. And giving…Queen of generosity.

1. But this may have been her sexiest look of all time. Body paint and sparkles…and nothing else.