Here Are The Top 10 Steamiest K-Drama Kiss Scenes Of The 2010s

Be warned: There’s a lot of lip smackin’ going on.

Nothing is more dramatic than that one climactic kiss scene in any given K-Drama. And this decade, we were blessed with a plenty of shows featuring some of the most hopelessly romantic and shockingly steamy kisses.  Here are top 10 most unforgettable K-Drama kiss scenes from 2010-2019.

1. Secret Garden, 2010

Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won‘s kiss scene, nicknamed the “Foam Kiss”, yielded hundreds of parodies. Though we’re not sure how romantic Hyun Bin’s let-me-lick-that-foam-off-her-lips move actually is, but this was definitely the trendiest kiss in 2010.

2. Dream High, 2011

In 2011, Korean viewers buzzed about Kim Soo Hyun and Suzy‘s kiss scene, nicknamed the “Bus Kiss”. As much of a heartthrob as this scene was, it most definitely came from the lawless land of K-Drama — because in reality, what public transportation will ever hold that long for two lovebirds to smack lips and be cute?

3. Queen And I, 2012

Ji Hyun Woo and Yoo In Na shared this intense kiss in 2012’s Queen And I and ended up actually falling in love with each other. At the after party following the finale of the show, the couple revealed that they begun seeing each other in real life. Though the two split up two years later, Korean viewers still recall this series and this particular kiss scene as being extra-romantic.

4. My Love from the Star, 2013

What a kissy-faced decade it has been for Kim Soo Hyun! In 2013, he and Jun Ji Hyun locked lips in the mega hit series, My Love from the Star. This most romantic scene stopped all time and space for the viewers — or it could have been the superpower Kim Soo Hyun’s character had. We’ll never know.

5. It’s Okay, That’s Love, 2014

In 2014’s hit series It’s Okay, That’s LoveJo In Sung and Gong Hyo Jin boasted some insane chemistry that led viewers 200% convinced that they were truly in love. While these two were constantly hugging, kissing, and being cute AF throughout the many episodes, this particular “Beach Kiss” has been unforgettable, for its dreamy summer night vibe.

6. Reply 1988, 2015

Park Bo Gum and Hyeri shared this most aesthetic kiss scene, showcasing their gorgeous side profiles, in 2015’s Reply 1988. This was actually Park Bo Gum’s first kiss scene of his entire career — so that racing heartbeat you can almost hear from the monitor? Those are probably his.

7. Guardian: The Lonely and Great God,  2016

In 2016’s biggest hit drama Guardian: The Lonely and Great GodKim Go Eun and Gong Yoo portrayed a couple of love bugs, constantly pecking away and celebrating their “destiny to be together” as the goblin and his bride. This particular pojangmacha (tent bar) kiss scene had viewers dashing over to their local tent bars for some soju and smooches too.

8. Strong Girl Bong-Soon, 2017

Park Hyung Sik and Park Bo Young‘s kiss scene in 2017 caught eyes mainly because of the physical differences between the two. The behind-the-scenes video of this scene went more viral than the actual scene — for capturing the average Korean viewer’s “ideal height difference” between a male and a female.

9. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim?, 2018

Need we say more? Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young claimed the throne for creating the steamiest kiss scene in the history of K-Drama with this “Couch Kiss”. All he did was un-do the ribbon on her blouse — but at that very moment, viewers felt the need to rate this R for dangerously hot content.

10. When the Camellia Blooms, 2019

When the Camellia Blooms proved Gong Hyo Jin a queen of romantic comedy dramas. In this 2019 hit series, she and Kang Ha Neul had an incredibly adorable chemistry which sparked fire in all the single ladies’ hearts, to get out there and find themselves a man as good as Hwang Yong Shik-ie this winter.

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