Top 10 Most Subscribed K-Pop Groups On Youtube

Here are the latest stats.

YouTube is the main platform celebrities use to release video content. Among K-Pop idols, there are some groups that audiences just can’t get enough of, subscribing in the millions.

As such, here are the current Top 10 most subscribed YouTube accounts among K-Pop groups!


10. TXT – 3.12 million

First up on the list is none other than TXT! Not only are they ranked #10, but they’re also among the fastest rookie groups to gain such a big online following.

Their latest video features Hueningkai going on a shopping trip.

9. Seventeen – 4.46 million

Seventeen ranks ninth on the most subscribed K-Pop groups list. With their various music videos, consistent vlogs, and other types of content, they’re a favorite group to watch.

Their latest video is an INSIDE SEVENTEEN vlog.


8. GOT7 – 4.54 million

GOT7 most recently reached a YouTube milestone with their music video for “Just Right” reaching over 300 million views. Their account as a whole is the eighth most subscribed channel with 4.54 million subscribers.

GOT7’s latest upload is GOT7 HOTLINE #23.

7. 2NE1 – 4.65 million

2NE1 is the only disbanded K-Pop group on the list. Despite going their separate ways in 2016, they still have over four million subscribers.

Their last upload was their music video for “Goodbye”.


6. EXO – 4.73 million

EXO’s YouTube channel differs from other group’s as it focuses heavily on their music activities. Despite their few uploads, they have amassed an impressive 4.73 million subscribers.

Their latest video is a teaser for their EXplOration live stream.

5. TWICE – 6.35 million

TWICE proves why they’re called the nation’s girl group with their 6.35 million subscribers. They frequently post vlogs and behind-the-scenes to keep a close relationship with their fans.

Their latest video is the first episode of TMT or TOO MUCH TWICE.

4. iKON – 6.37 million

iKON‘s popular YouTube account is used to upload everything from performances to their hilarious iKON TV series.

Their most recent upload is a concept teaser for their incoming 2020 comeback.

3. BIGBANG – 11.9 million

Despite being inactive during their two-year military service, BIGBANG is still the third most subscribed K-Pop group on YouTube.

Their latest video, Daesung‘s D-LITE collector’s set, was uploaded way back in February 2019.

2. BTS – 24.9 million

BTS‘s YouTube account, BANGTAN TV, has been a reliable source of music videos, dance practice videos, and live performances for the worldwide famous group.

They doubled the amount of subscribers as the third group on the list, with their latest upload being a BANGTAN BOMB video that gained over a million views in less than a day.

1. BLACKPINK – 32.7 million

With over 32 million subscribers, BLACKPINK is currently the number one most subscribed K-Pop group! They prove their international influence with all videos gaining millions of views in a matter of days, if not hours.

Their latest upload was Jennie’s dance practice video. Check it out below!