The Top 10 Most Timeless K-Pop Songs

Number 8 will still be charting decades after its release.

In a recent post to the popular K-Pop subreddit, Reddit users discussed which songs in K-Pop they felt were the most timeless.

The post described timeless songs as ones you will never get tired of coming back to listen to.

Of course, everyone’s taste in music is different, but there are undoubtedly timeless songs in K-Pop that will continue to be listened to a long time from now.

Here is a list of the top ten songs in no particular order:

1. Girls’ Generation’s “Into The New World”

There is no better way to start off this list than with the debut of one of the most iconic K-Pop girl groups. The melody is addictive to old and new K-Pop fans alike, and most K-Pop idols would not hesitate to jump into performing this song, whether in a cover or random dance play.


Any K-Pop fan certainly has TVXQ‘s classic song “under their skin.” Even thirteen years later, “MIROTIC” sounds like it could have only been released yesterday, and the mature, sexy concept will certainly never grow old.

3. Red Velvet’s “Psycho”

With hauntingly beautiful vocals, a strong “velvet” concept, and captivating choreography, “Psycho” is perfectly timeless. It’s the kind of song you never end up deleting from your playlist.

4. ATEEZ’s “Say My Name”

Although it hasn’t been incredibly long since the song was released in 2019, “Say My Name” will never get old. The choreography is so memorable that it is impossible not to picture it while listening to the song. Especially Mingi‘s “driving move.”

5. f(x)’s “4 walls”

Even though “4 walls” is a melodic, almost soothing song, there is still an irresistible urge to bop your head to the beat every time you hear it. And the music itself feels like it could be a recent release from f(x)’s company hoobaes (industry junior), Red Velvet.

6. ENHYPEN’s “Fever”

Although not a title track from the popular group, ENHYPEN‘s “Fever” went incredibly viral, a large part due to its dance challenge on TikTok. The song serves mature, cool vibes, and the chorus fittingly infects your brain just like a fever.

7. TWICE’s “Cheer Up”

Inevitably, TWICE would appear on this list with their ability to create music that instantly puts a smile on your face and their incredibly memorable choreography. But perhaps none of their songs encapsulates just how cheerful and memorable their songs can be better than “Cheer Up.”

8. BTS’s “Spring Day”

ARMY lovingly referred to “Spring Day” as a song that will never die. The beautiful track stands out from BTS‘s other releases with its meaningful lyrics, emotional melody, and theory-inducing music video. With how often “Spring Day” still reappears on music charts, this song truly is the definition of timeless.


Understandably, memorable choreography and catchy choruses lead to the creation of a timeless song. And ITZY‘s “WANNABE” not only had the entire world doing Ryujin‘s “shoulder dance,” but even had people loudly singing about embracing themselves, wanting to be themselves. And that sort of message can never be shared enough.

10. EXO’s “Call Me Baby”

Is there a K-Pop fan who hasn’t heard this song before? With EXO‘s incredible voices, amazing choreography, and addictive melody, this song is incapable of growing old.

What other songs would you add to the list?

Source: @ilovemeeeeee