The Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Group Debut Videos In The First 24 Hours

There was an incredible amount of anticipation for the debuts of each of these groups

K-Pop has tremendously increased on the international scene, thanks in part to the growth of platforms like YouTube that have connected the whole world.

The global attention being paid to K-Pop has become increasingly great, to the point where K-Pop groups can have stans all around the world even before their official debut!

And for all of these groups, their debut certainly did not disappoint!

10. My Type (iKON)

My Type gained around 1.74 million views within 24 hours of being posted.

After two survival shows, iKON’s debut was highly anticipated and they released “My Type”. This chill jam charted for 48 weeks on the Melon 100 and this earned iKON there first “Certified All-Kill”!

9. The 7th Sense (NCT U)

“The 7th Sense” gained around 1.8 million views on YouTube in 24 hours.

NCT was introduced as a groundbreaking group, and what better introduction than through this experimental and breathtaking debut song, by five of its members in NCT U.

Listening to “The 7th Sense” is commonly referred to as an experience by fans and it is upheld as one of the most critically acclaimed songs of K-Pop.

8. Hola Hola (KARD)

“Hola Hola” received 2,485,442 views when it was posted.

KARD excited K-Pop fans with its co-ed structure, with much attention paid to the chemistry between the members. This bright and fun-spirited video focuses on the group’s friendship and furthers their trademark sound, showcasing everything that fans had been anticipating.

7. Whistle (BLACKPINK)

“Whistle” was viewed 2,971,687 times within 24 hours.

BLACKPINK debuted with two songs as part of “Square One”, with one being “Whistle” which was accompanied by this high-visual video that still holds up as breathtaking.

“Whistle” also won BLACKPINK first place on Inkigayo less than two weeks after their debut!

6. Boombayah (BLACKPINK)

In 24 hours, BLACKPINK’s accompanying debut video “Boombayah” garnered 3,328,090 views.

BLACKPINK also debuted with their hit song “Boombayah” which showcased a badass and strong-minded side to the members. Since its release, the video has garnered over 600 million views, making it the most viewed K-Pop debut video on YouTube!

5. Energetic (WANNA ONE)

“Energetic” was viewed 4,034,795 times within 24 hours of being posted.

After a challenging experience on the second season of Produce 101, eleven members were able to make their debut together as WANNA ONE.

The title track lived up to the hype of WANNA ONE’s debut, as this feel-good, dynamic song immediately topped the charts when it was released.

4. District 9 (Stray Kids)

The video for “District 9” had 4,274,649 views, 24 hours after being released.

Fans felt pain when two members forced to leave during the pre-debut reality survival competition and relief when all nine members were able to debut as Stray Kids.

“District 9” shows exactly why the right decision was made to debut all the members, as this song composed by 3Racha demonstrated their cohesion and power as a team.

3. La Vie en Rose (IZ*ONE)

“La Vie en Rose” had 4,559,202 views after 24 hours of being posted.

The twelve members had been voted to become members of the third group of the Produce series and the girls matched the high expectations set by their predecessors, by releasing a song that showcased their talent and IZ*ONE’s own personal feel.

The song topped the charts, with many being left excited for IZ*ONE’s future comebacks.

2. Dalla Dalla (ITZY)

“Dalla Dalla” acquired a jawdropping 13,933,725 views after it was released.

K-Pop fans know they can trust JYP Entertainment when it comes to debuting a girl group, and they solidified their reputation with ITZY‘s long-anticipated debut. “Dalla Dalla” perfectly differentiates ITZY from their older sisters TWICE but also highlights their charisma as a group and as individual members.

“Dalla Dalla” set ITZY a record in being the group with the most music show wins for a debut song.

1. Crown (TXT)

Topping off the list is “Crown” which has been certified to have been viewed around 14.9 million times when it was released.

“Crown” was a perfect introduction to the younger brothers of Big Hit Entertainment who were mischievous, fun-spirited and charming. Despite the high expectations, TXT won the hearts of viewers, and won their first music show win, only a week after their debut!

With so many spectacular debuts, K-Pop fans all across the world can look forward to what is to come in future comebacks.

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