These Are The Top 10 Most Viewed K-Pop Groups On YouTube

These are the groups with the most cumulative views

YouTube has been one of the biggest social media platforms for K-Pop’s global outreach.

It is a testament to the international outreach of K-Pop that so many artists enjoy billions of views in total across all their YouTube videos.

10. Red Velvet

Across 124 posted videos, Red Velvet currently has 1.5+ billion views in total.

Their highest viewed video is the music video for “Bad Boy” which currently has 226+ million views.

9. Super Junior

Super Junior has enjoyed a career of nearly 15 years, with no signs of slowing their momentum!

The group has 1.6+ billion views combined from all of their official YouTube videos, with “Mr Simple” being the most viewed currently at 168+ million.

8. 2NE1

2NE1 marks their 10th year anniversary in 2019. While many fans dearly hope for their reunion, their place on this list shows that their legacy is powerful, with 1.7+ billion views in total.

“I Am The Best” with 239+ million views is their most watched video.

7. GOT7

GOT7 has 2.1+ billion views from a total of 444 YouTube videos.

Their viral music video “Just Right” is also their most watched with 284+ million views currently.

6. Girls’ Generation

Even non K-Pop fans will know the lyrics to “Gee”, which was one of the first K-Pop music videos to go viral and has 235+ million views.

Girls’ Generation continues to sustain its legacy as one of the most legendary K-Pop groups, with 3.5+ billion views.

5. EXO

Thanks to YouTube, the whole world is able to enjoy the stellar performances and vocals of EXO.

The group has 4.1+ billion views across 335 videos and EXO’s most viewed YouTube video is “Monster” with 288+ million views.


TWICE has 4.4+ billion views from a total of 310 YouTube videos and the most viewed music video of theirs is “TT” with 476+ million views.

It is clear that the whole Internet has fallen for TWICE’s charms and infectious songs.


For many years, “Fantastic Baby” reigned supreme as the most viewed YouTube video by an idol group, currently having 410+ million views.

BIG BANG has a total of 6.1+ billion views and that number is sure to grow as G-Dragon, Daesung and Taeyang will join T.O.P in being discharged from military service this year.


BLACKPINK has taken YouTube by storm ever since their debut, with “Boombayah” being the most viewed K-Pop debut music video.

Furthermore, BLACKPINK has the most viewed K-Pop video by an idol group with “Ddu-Du Ddu-Du” having 943+ million views.

BLACKPINK has 7+ billion views across a total of 246 videos.

1. BTS

Being the only non-Big 3 idol group on this list isn’t the only feat that BTS has achieved. “Boy with Luv” also has the record for the most-viewed online video in the first 24 hours.

The power of BTS and ARMYs on social media is well known across the Internet, and it manifests here with BTS having more than 10 billion views across their posted YouTube videos.

That officially makes BTS the most viewed K-Pop idol group on YouTube.

Source: Kworb