These Are The Top 10 Most-Watched Girl Group MAMA Performances (& Here’s What Made Them So Great)

These groups are the queens of MAMA.

More commonly referred to as MAMA, the Mnet Asian Music Awards ceremony isn’t just a time for artists to receive their much-deserved trophies. It’s also a time for them to show off some of their greatest performances. Out of all the girl group performances to grace the MAMA stage, these 10 were the most loved (and it’s easy to see why). 

#10. IZ*ONE – 10 million views

After IZ*ONE was formed on Mnet’s Produce 48, their debut became one of the most anticipated in girl group history. So, it’s no surprise that everyone tuned into their “La Vie En Rose” performance at MAMA 2018 in Hong Kong. The precious intro VCR, which showed the members beginning their journey as IZ*ONE, was followed by a remixed performance that showed exactly why each member won their spot.

#9. MAMAMOO – 11 million views

At MAMA 2018 Fans’ Choice in Japan, MAMAMOO treated fans to an awesome percussion-laden remix of “Egotistic”. When they transitioned into hit “Starry Night”, the whole crowd went wild. Plus, Hwasa’s bold and daring outfit was certainly the talk of social media after the event.

#8. Weki Meki, PRISTIN, fromis_9 & Chungha – 12 million views

Who doesn’t love a collab stage? This awesome rookie mash up at MAMA 2017 in Japan brought together Weki Meki, PRISTIN, fromis_9, and Chungha. And, since the performance was held in Japan, Japanese supergroup AKB48 joined them. The fandom power of all 5 artists brought in a whopping 12 million views for this performance.

#7. 2NE1 – 13 million views

2NE1 may be a second generation girl group, but their incredible performances still rack up millions of views. MAMA 2011 saw them perform their Song of the Year award winner, “I Am The Best”. The performance was such a hit, even Girls Generation can be seen dancing in the audience.

#6. Red Velvet – 13 million views

Red Velvet served everyone a complete concept mash-up at MAMA 2017. First, they gave a scintillating performance of “Peek-a-Boo”. Then, they transitioned into a Hitchhiker remix of their biggest hit, “Red Flavor”. To top it all off, the performance ended with a dance collab between Red Velvet and NCT.

#5. Hwasa (MAMAMOO) – 17 million views

MAMA isn’t just for Asian artists anymore. The 2019 ceremony saw British singer Dua Lipa take to the stage in a collab with MAMAMOO’s Hwasa. First, Hwasa performed Dua Lipa’s “New Rules”. Then, Dua Lipa herself finished off with a performance of “Don’t Start Now”.

#4. 2NE1 – 18 million views

2NE1 make the list again, this time with their MAMA 2015 showdown. From the outfits to the talent on show, everything about this performance had Blackjacks impressed—and everyone else for that matter. Watch closely and you’ll even see parents in the audience dancing.

#3. TWICE – 18 million views

“Feel Special” was already a new sound for TWICE’s but they reeled in even more praise with this R&B remix at MAMA 2019. Some of the best highlights included Momo and Tzuyu’s mirror dance, the impressive stage design, and the futuristic light-up umbrellas.

#2. TWICE – 28 million views

And TWICE’s MAMA 2016 performance racked up even more views. The group performed two of their biggest hits at the time: “Cheer Up” and “TT”, but not before starting with one of the most perfectly synchronized dances ever seen on the MAMA stage.

#1. MAMAMOO – 30 million views

And the #1 spot goes to MAMAMOO’s “Hip” remix from MAMA 2019, which has already racked up 30 million views in just 6 months. As expected, the performance itself was incredible—especially the dance break. On top of that, the members caught everyone’s attention with neon green outfits and hair.

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