These Are The Top 10 Most Watched “Run BTS!” Episodes—And Here’s What Made Them So Great

#10 was touching, #5 was adorable, and the rest were downright hilarious.

As of right now, there are over 100 episodes of Run BTS! to feast your eyes on, and each one is just as fun to watch as the next. Of course, some episodes were so good that fans couldn’t help but rewatch and share them with everyone. Curious to see which episodes were the most loved? Take a look at the top 10 here—along with the highlights that made them so great.

#10. Episode 56 (2018) – 12.90 million views

The only episode from 2018 on the list, Run BTS! Ep. 56’s highlights were more emotional than most of the hilarity on this list. V’s promise to bring Suga to pretty places if he’s reincarnated as a stone in his next life hit every ARMY right in the feels.

As did this line in Suga’s poem: “what a relief that we are seven members; what a relief that we have each other”.

#9. Episode 33 (2017) – 13.48 million views

Given how much joy fans get when they hear BTS cackling with laughter, it’s no surprise Run BTS! Ep. 33 got so much love.

Suga and Jin’s jump had BTS on the floor laughing, literally.

#8. Episode 60 (2019) – 13.54 million views

The highlight of Run BTS! Ep. 60 was definitely the rabbit game—just look at those adorable bunny hats.

The seriousness of the members while they guessed the calories in a chocolate bar was pretty funny too.

#7. Episode 59 (2019) – 14.32 million views

On Run BTS!, the members usually play games to avoid a penalty. So when they found out they were playing for a reward in Ep. 59, enthusiasm was on a high.

The members expressions while they tried to guess songs were hilarious. Another highlight? Suga naming his team “Team Kim Seokjin”—despite the fact that Jin wasn’t on the team at all.

#6. Episode 83 (2019) – 14.57 million views

The members got down to some vigorous water polo in Run BTS! Ep. 83, and this was definitely a great one for Jimin fans. First off, he proved once again that he’s a bird whisperer by successfully telling a crow to stop cawing.

Then, the other members tricked Jimin into being the only one to jump into the pool, making him the only member who got drenched during the game.

#5. Episode 31 (2017) – 14.93 million views

Content aside, the outfits in Run BTS! Ep. 31 made it one to rewatch. The members just look so cute in their pajamas.

And it was even cuter when they started reciting the children’s song they’d been challenged to remember.

#4. Episode 71 (2019) – 15.08 million views

Run BTS! Ep. 71 was BTS’s last day in Toronto, Canada, and they definitely made it count. Jungkook’s determination to finally win something was precious.

And Suga’s made-up excuses for not arm wrestling that night (“I worked out yesterday!) were hilarious.

#3. Episode 84 (2019) – 15.22 million views

The water park episodes of Run BTS! were certainly a fan favorite, and Ep. 84 was no exception. Nothing beat the hilarious positions the members landed in as they flew off the slide.

And don’t get us started on the side-splitting round where BTS has to jump onto a giant inflatable.

#2. Episode 63 (2019) – 15.59 million views

Real school can be a chore, but the Bangtan school in Run BTS! Ep. 63 was anything but. Every member had to give a presentation to win the role of class president—well, except Jungkook, who gave a presentation on how he didn’t want the role.

Then it was time for a music class, and there’s just something so funny about the mess that ensued when everyone practiced their bells.

#1. Episode 57 (2019) – 15.91 million views

And the most watched episode of Run BTS! so far was Ep. 57. And who could be surprised—after all, what’s better than BTS cooking chaotically?

The chaos hit a peak when Jimin poured meringue straight over his head—voluntarily.