The Top 10 Ways To (NOT) Die In A K-Drama Thriller

You’re now a character in a K-Drama thriller. Here’s how to survive.

So, you’ve left the real world and become a character in a K-Drama thriller. How do you survive until the final episode? These tips will help!

| Rugal

1. Don’t be the best friend, lover, or ex-lover

Characters in these roles are often killed off for the sake of the plot.

Be it a murder disguised as a suicide or a heroic self-sacrifice, BFFs are not promised a happy ending. The exception might be the second male lead; he usually survives, but his love life doesn’t.

BFF Yi Kyung dies in Episode 1 of Angry Mom. Don’t be Yi Kyung.

2. Make sure the “dead” villain is dead

Rule of thumb: if there’s no body, the villain will rise from the grave and ruin your life again. Don’t skimp on bullets, triple-check that pulse, and supervise the “corpse” until back-up arrives to carry it away.

3. Stay out of dark, creepy alleys

If you wander the back alleys of K-Drama land, there’s a 90% chance you’ll be stalked, kidnapped, or killed by a psychopath, especially if you’re a nameless extra.

4. Always bring back-up

Bravado will land you in an early grave. In a K-Drama thriller, the odds of survival increase dramatically if the whole squad is there.

5. Don’t tell anyone about that plot-changing secret you’re keeping

Anyone who has a secret that can foil the villain is at risk of being killed off swiftly. It usually happens after that character calls another character to say, “I have a secret, but I can’t tell you right now. Let’s meet later.” 

6. Better yet, don’t keep secrets, period!

Ignorance is bliss! Anyone who minds their own business is more likely to stay under the radar and avoid the ax. Unfortunately, that’s usually not how thrillers work.

| I Miss You/Youtube

7. Trust no one!

You think you know your spouse, but what about their dark, dangerous past?

8. Remember that good looks are for bad guys

Sometimes, K-Drama thrillers give their plot twists away by casting actors or actresses who stand out too much to simply be minor characters. Voice tries to point viewers in the wrong direction, but they gave the true culprit’s identity away just by casting Kim Jae Wook for the role. His sexy villain vibes are too strong to ignore!

9. Be an unemployed, solitary orphan who minds their own business

In thrillers, somebody is trying to kill you, and that someone is often your boss, family member, friend, or significant other.

Also, your doctor. The secret to survival? Shun everyone and move to the mountains.

10. Turn off your phone’s ringer and don’t make calls

Nobody ever calls you, but when they do, it’s when you’re trying to hide from a serial killer, breaking into a corrupt CEO’s office, or slinking through the shadows to safety. To stay alive, always put that brand name, product placement phone of yours on silent.

Also, don’t phone for help. Chances are, your voice will draw the killer to your location, and help will arrive too late. Sorry!